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Port of San Diego Objects to Inn at the Cays Proposal

The San Diego Unified Port District objects to Cays Resort, LLC’s hotel proposal at North Grand Caribe Isle. This attached letter constitutes the Port’s written objection to the entire Inn at the Cays Plan. As detailed in the letter, the Plan is not consistent with the Port Master Plan (PMP) and an amendment to the PMP (PMPA) is required prior to any issuance of a Coastal Development Permit (CDP). Additionally, Port staff would not recommend the Plan because it is not in the best interests of the overall development of San Diego Bay, taking into consideration all statewide interests. Lastly, Cays Resort, LLC has not applied for an extension to the lease terminating in 2034 for the property located on North Grand Caribe Isle and thus, the proposed development plan would not be economically viable per the Port objection letter.

Recent meetings held by Cays Resort, LLC (Keith Mishkin) at the Coronado Cays Yacht Club and a recent flyer sent to Cays residents are attempting to gain community support for a hotel at North Grand Caribe Isle, the location of the current Coronado Boat Storage. The April 2019 re-negotiated sublease between the CCYC and Cays Resort, LLC requires CCYC members that are on the board (Club Officers) or acting on behalf of the CCYC with the authority of the board to affirmatively support any proposed development of North Grand Caribe Isle by Cays Resort, LLC including a hotel. This requirement does not apply to CCYC members in general.

The CCHOA Board of Directors and Grand Caribe Task Force have been following the progress of this proposal and will be considering a resolution to re-affirm the 2005 CCHOA resolution opposing development of Grand Caribe Isle at the August 27, 2020 Board meeting. Furthermore, the City of Coronado does not support development of a hotel on Grand Caribe Isle and the Port has publicly stated it will not allow another hotel to be built on Port property in Coronado. More information on how you can voice your opinion on this critical issue will be provided in the coming weeks.

CCHOA Management