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Mardi Gras End of Summer 2023 Newsletter


Good afternoon Mardi Gras Homeowners and Residents. This email is a review of some of the current happenings in your village and the Cays.

GROUNDS: Crossman Landscape company continues to take care of the grounds. Residents are mostly pleased with the work. Weeding can certainly be improved and this is being addressed. The trees by the garages on Tunapuna need to be trimmed. Green Leaf recently trimmed all of the common area palms so that only 6-8 fronds remain. It was felt that last year too many were left and they became shaggy quickly. Some minor skinning will take place where a few palms present some concern with falling palm ends. The recent winds seemed to get this started.

CLUBHOUSE/POOL: Residents are reminded that small children in the pool need to be wearing swim diapers. In addition, there is no eating in and around the pool. In the past, this has been a major problem with children and some adults eating both in the pool and sitting on the edge. Glass bottles, bikes and animals are not allowed in the pool area.

On Friday, September 8th, 5-8 teenage youth ran wild in the pool area and threw a good deal of furniture into the pool. The cameras were unable to identify the group. They also appeared to gain entry by having one individual jump the fence. Safety did not catch the teenagers. By way of a reminder, this type of vandalism can be costly to our members and if caught, and they are residents of the Cays, the Board can decide on a fine structure for the owners of the residence and loss of pool privileges for 6 months. Of course, the police would be notified as they are potentially trespassing if they do not live in the Cays. If nearby owners should ever notice this, please call the Safety Kiosk-619-575-8100.

VILLAGE MAINTENANCE: Mardi Gras has started the next phase of roof renovations at 103-113 Tunapuna. All tiles are removed, new underlayment is being put in, stainless steel is added by the chimneys and metal tile pans are added in certain areas along the siding to protect the home. Chimney caps are added when they are badly rusted. Several chimney caps were previously replaced during a major wind storm we had some years ago. Painting will follow the roofers, painting half of the homes on Tunapuna on the east side. The remaining homes on the east side of Tunapuna will be painted next year. Homes along Mardi Gras Road will receive new roofs in the next two years depending on what the budget can support.

PARKING AND TRASHCANS: Please do not park in the red zones or across your driveway where the sidewalk is blocked. There is a maximum time limit of parking on the street or on your driveway of 72 hours. This does include golf cart like vehicles, motorcycles and trailers. If you find a parking violation on your car, it is a gentle reminder by Safety to please cease that particular activity. Although there are no financial penalties to the notice, if the activity is repeated you may receive an invitation to explain your actions to the Board of Directors and they can fine the homeowner. Street violations on Mardi Gras Road do have financial implications if cited by the Coronado Police Department.

Trash cans are to be put out the night before pickup and put away the same day they are picked up.

Reserves: Mardi Gras reserves will be at 50% within the 30 year period as mandated by the Board. Due to the expensive roofing and painting that is occurring after 30 years(roofing) and the analyst not reserving an accurate amount, the reserves have fallen, but should grow quickly when our painting and roofing projects are completed. This assumes no unexpected emergency expenses.

Annual Meeting: The Annual Meeting of homeowners will take place at Loews this Thursday, September 14, 2023 with registration at 4:30pm. The meeting will start at 5:00pm followed by a dinner reception.

CONCLUSION: I hope that all of our Mardi Gras residents have a continuing safe and productive 2023. Mardi Gras continues to be a terrific village to live in and/or own a home. If you have questions, concerns, or comments please let me know.

Thank you, Bob Rood, Mardi Gras Director,