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No Cottages at the Cays! Support a future park!


Dear Coronado Cays Homeowners:

Thank you to all the Association members and residents who came by last Thursday and Friday to sign the CCHOA petition against the development of North Grand Caribe Isle and in support of the proposed Port Master Plan Update to transition this area to recreation/open space (a park) in 2034. The future park will be part of the Port's Green Necklace of parks around San Diego Bay providing no-cost access to the bay for all to enjoy. We are off to a great start with 252 signatures and encourage you to stop by the CCHOA Office or use the following link to make your voice heard, https://www.ipetitions.com/petition/cottages-at-the-cays.
Please sign the new petition even if you signed other petitions. More than one adult per household can sign. Have friends in Coronado Village? Please encourage them to sign the petition.

If you were unable to attend the open house held by Cays Resort Inc at the CCYC, you didn't miss much. There was no presentation, very little information provided, and limited opportunity for questions and answers. Keith Mishklin, owner of Cays Resort Inc., was in attendance along with a few other representatives who banded together in front of a storyboard to meet with attendees. CCHOA Directors and Staff, City Councilmembers and Staff, and Port of San Diego Staff were also in attendance. A flyer was provided and slips of paper for comments were available at tables around the dining room. (See attached flyer describing the re-named RV-Resort known as the Cottages at the Cays.) Please note the significant impact this proposed development will have on the CCYC. The proposed development would also eliminate street parking, further isolating the Yacht Club. Based on previous homeowner feedback, the proposed development is no longer associated with RVs at all. When Mr. Mishkin was asked about what he would do with the "cottages" at the end of his lease in 2034, heresponded that the "cottages" are mobile and could be wheeled out/relocated. Alternatively, he could try to request a lease extension, if his proposed development is approved, despite the proposed recreation/open space designation of this land set to take effect in 2034.

Mr. Mishkin has tentatively announced a second open house for December 3, 2022 and the CCHOA has extended an invitation to Mr. Mishkin to attend a special Board meeting and make a presentation with a question-and-answer session. We will keep you informed if Mr. Mishkin accepts the invitation and the date for the special Board meeting.

Mr. Mishkin is actively campaigning to win the approval of the Board of Port Commissioners at a not-yet-announced meeting in early 2023 but their approval is far from a done deal. The land is public trust land leased from the Port, not private, and we have a voice in what happens to North Grand Caribe Isle. Additional information and opportunities to express your opposition in front of the Coronado City Council and Board of Port Commissioners will be available as agendas are confirmed and published.


CCHOA Management