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General Manager's Newsletter- May 2022


Dear Coronado Cays Homeowners and Residents,

May is here and Spring is in full swing with the 100th Anniversary of the Coronado Flower Show and Earth Day celebrations last weekend. We are still cautious about COVID and the next strain while second booster shots are now available along with vaccinations for children. Economic pressure is being felt due to inflation, heightened gas prices, supply chain delays, and a lack of workers. Companies are competing for scarce resources and increased prices are being seen across the board. The 2022-2023 CCHOA budget was approved by the Board last week and will be sent to owners later this month along with the annual disclosures. As you might expect, there will be an increase in the Common Assessment (8.92% or $11.16 per month) and some of the village assessments to account for price increases in insurance, trash removal, electricity/gas, water, wages, and landscaping. The last large increase in the Common Assessment was in 2017-2018 so we are averaging about 2% per year. The Reserve Study was also approved and included an increased inflation factor and annual contribution rate over the 30-year outlook. Village common area seawalls were included in the study based on the survey conducted last fiscal year with a funding level of 20% and a remaining useful life of 30 years. We will review this component again next year as we continue to gain information on the structural integrity of the seawall and perform repairs.

The landscape maintenance contract was up for renewal this year and a request for proposals was issued. The field of seven contractors was narrowed down to three finalists. The Board-approved Crossman Landscaping as the landscape maintenance contractor for 2022-2023 after careful consideration and research. Coordination meetings are being held with Crossman and Park West to ensure a smooth transition in preparation for the July 1st start date for Crossman. Outstanding projects are either being accomplished or deferred depending on their status and complexity. Workorder reviews are being held weekly and routine landscape maintenance services will continue to be provided by Park West until the end of June. Green Leaf Tree Care will continue to provide excellent tree trimming services. Annual tree trimming was just completed in Trinidad Village and is planned for Blue Anchor in May and Kingston in June before we start the annual cycle all over again.

Reserve projects for 2021-2022 are wrapping up as we prepare for the next fiscal year.

Recently completed projects included the following.

- Replacement of concrete stairs leading to the beach in Jamaica Village

- Replacement of rear exit doors to the Jamaica clubhouse

- Resealing of balconies and landings in Antigua Village

- Renovation of the Bahama/Antigua pool restrooms

- Installation of nine ET Water irrigation controllers

- Installation of an AC unit at the Mardi Gras/Port Royale clubhouse

- Replacement of the furnace at the Montego clubhouse

- Upgrade to the central air vent ducting system at the Admin Complex

Ongoing projects include the following.

- Demolition of the Montego parking garage structure and tennis courts (Estimated completion June 1st)

- Resealing balconies and landings in Montego

- Gangway, dock, and seawall repairs in Antigua

- Complete repaint of Group 1 homes in Mardi Gras (45 of 50 homes completed)

- Renovation of the Trinidad/Kingston clubhouse and restrooms (February 7-June 1st)

- Resurfacing the Trinidad/Kingston pool, spa, and deck (February 15th-June 1st)

- Installation of ground fault circuit interrupt breakers at Jamaica and Admin docks

- Replacement of electrical pedestals in various villages

- Replacement of irrigation controllers in Common and Blue Anchor Cay

Bahama and Antigua Directors have graciously agreed to allow Trinidad and Kingston residents to use their clubhouse and pool during the renovations. Mardi Gras and Port Royale Directors have graciously agreed to allow Montego residents to use their pool during the garage demolition project. Contact the HOA Office (619-423-4353) or Cays Safety Kiosk (619-575-8100) to make arrangements.

City Manager Tina Friend briefed the Board on the revised Coronado Cays Park Master Plan schedule and process at last week’s meeting. Three significantly different proposals for the park will be developed before soliciting additional public input in the June/July 2022 timeframe. A final proposal is expected to be presented to the City Council by January 2023. Check the CCHOA website for an announcement with a link to the revised process and schedule.

Good neighbor tip: Spring cleaning time is upon us. EDCO curbside bulk pickup is scheduled for the week of May 16. Reminder for Kingston and Montego residents to not block the trash enclosures with bulk items since EDCO will refuse to empty the dumpsters. Additional information will be provided separately for designated bulk pickup areas in Kingston and Montego. Info on what constitutes bulky items and free mulch from the City of Coronado website is:

Bulky Trash Items

Bulky trash items typically include broken appliances, water heaters, furniture, old mattresses (please wrap mattresses prior to setting out - special mattress disposal bags can be purchased at hardware stores or online), yard waste, and other miscellaneous bulky household items. All yard waste will be recycled and must be bagged or bundled. Tree trimmings should be cut into 3-foot lengths and tied securely into bundles not greater than 18 inches in diameter.

Please note: Debris from contractors, landscapers or commercial businesses will not be accepted. No hazardous waste will be accepted.

Free Mulch

During the Community Cleanup events (bulk pickup week), free mulch will be available for self-load/ self-haul at the corner of A Avenue and 2nd Street, behind the Little League field. Bring a shovel to get your mulch while it lasts!

Mulch will be replenished each morning by 8:00 a.m. If you plan to haul mulch in an open truck or trailer, please remember to bring a tarp to cover your material.