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Some updates and issues about Antigua and the Cays. We are finally returning to normal. Even holding board meetings in person.

UPSTAIRS WATERSIDE PATIOS. We were able to complete this entire project. Many thanks for the cooperation and assistance with getting this work done. The new product is a little different and shinier than the previous material. As it turns out, the product used five years ago is no longer available in the state of California. Just a note of caution about these patios. They are not designed to carry heavy loads, be it plants, furniture or equipment. Loading them with heavy, stationary objects can damage the membrane and cause leaks into the lower unit’s living room. A care guide was previously sent out by email but if you need another copy, please contact the HOA Office.

SEAWALL. We have marked and identified areas that need repairs within Antigua as well as other Villages in the Cays. This allows us to solicit bids from several contractors. As this is a very specialized market, the first cost numbers we received were quite expensive. Somewhere around $350,000.00 for Antigua. In an effort to minimize this cost we are having our employees begin this process with doing the simple crack repairs and simple filing requirements. We have had them trained on the process and the specific types of material used.

SAND REPLACEMENT. We have sent a demand letter to the city requesting they begin the process of replenishing the sand berms supporting Antigua seawalls as well as other areas in the Cays. In speaking with the new City Manager, she indicated they have received our letter and are reviewing it. They have listed it on the capital expenditures for review this year.

GARAGE ELECTRIC. Still nothing back from SDG&E. Were still waiting and will proceed once we get some direction as to what might be required.

CAYS PARK. The new City Manager Tina Friend has taken this project on personally. They will be holding town hall meetings as well as coming out with a new survey very soon. They are still committed to producing three-design proposal for everyone’s review prior to finalizing and going out to bid.

LANDSCAPE CONTRACT. The Board has solicited bids for the landscape maintenance contract. Those responses were narrowed down to three bidders. Management and board members then meet with those vendors on sites around San Diego and Coronado to look at the work they are doing for other HOA’s. An official announcement of the selected landscape maintenance contractor will be made following the April Board meeting. The contract cost has increased approximately 4%.

BUDGET. We have completed the review of Antigua budget as well as all the other villages for fiscal year 2022/23. As you may have guessed, we are seeing substantial increases in numerous categories as well as costs related to reserve items. Some examples,

SDG&E has increased 11.5%

All insurances have increased by 15%

Trash pick-has increased 33%

Supplies and chemicals an average of 14%

Tree trimming is up 11%.

We have added some new categories to our reserve study as well as updating current replacement cost. My expectation is that our monthly dues will increase by 4% for next year. Common dues are expected to increase about 10.00 per month.

A part of this increase is due to the fact we have added seawall replacement to our reserve study. As our recent seawall survey has indicated, we have somewhere around 25 years remaining life on the seawalls. As you may know, seawalls were in the reserve funding years ago, but simply removed by previous management. It’s clear we need to disclose this obligation going forward as well as begin the process of funding its replacement. At this early point, the board has agreed to start funding, over 30 years, 20% of the cost to replace. This decision is based on several factors. One, we are still learning a lot about the condition of these walls. More measuring, coring, and testing will need to be done to better help determine their actual remaining life. Second, we have current replacement cost estimates, but nobody knows what new process or technologies will be available to repair or replace these in the coming years.


We have approved a contract to demo the existing garage in Montego. This was a tough process and used several structural engineering firms. We hope to get this started in April and complete it within 5 weeks. After this is completed, the Village will determine what they wish to do going forward.

We continue to prepare to meet with the Port of San Diego about water lease rights. This process must be completed by 2034, but they recommend parties begin well before lease expiration.

Leases also exist in Antigua and Kingston with master lease holders that need to be resolved. These leases apply to wharfage areas within City waters, Antigua north and west docks.

Mardi Gras is conducting a major re-roofing and painting project and Trinidad and Kingston are conducting a major renovation of their clubhouse and pool.

Bahama/Antigua outside bathrooms have been remodeled and simplified. We have installed a single outdoor shower for better convenience, while removing the two indoor showers.

The local channel navigational lighting has been replaced and updated with better lights. Further, we have replaced most of the red and green reflective signs on the pilings for the channel. All should be ready for summer.