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Montego Parking Structure Weekly Update March 25, 2022


Dear Montego Villagers:

There has been significant activity with the parking garage including:

Parking Garage Structure Demolition

-Contract finalized and signed by all parties. Contract price with Flexcor is $318,000

-Demolition plan completed and application for demolition permit submitted to the City of Coronado on March 16th

-Asbestos testing completed as part of the Air Pollution Control District 10-day notification. Results were negative, no asbestos present

-Soils testing report by Ninyo & Moore being finalized and expect to have early next week

The next steps are to continue working with the contractor and City to provide information requested to support the permitting process and obtain permission to begin pre-demolition phase of the contract.


-Please park on Coronado Cays BLVD as much as possible.

-Do not park in spots reserved for specific units with mobility issues.

-If you need to load and unload your vehicle, use the specifically labeled spots and only do so for 20 minutes. These spots will be available for loading and unloading only, 24 hours a day/7 days a week (24/7), so no overnight parking.

-If you're not a CCHOA employee or a contractor hired by theCCHOA, don't park along the curved white brick walls at the exit of the parking garage. This area is needed for CCHOA employees and contractors to park and provide services to the community.

-Contractor Day Use parking spots have been eliminated to provide more general parking for the residents. Private contractors hired by residents will need to park on Coronado Cays Blvd until the demo is complete and parking is restored.

Rebuild Committee

The Village Director has organized a small group of owners to discuss rebuild options for the new parking structure. Ideas will be shared with the Village during a future town hall meeting to get feedback from owners. Once the Village has decided what they want to build, then the HOA staff will collect proposals for a design-to-build process.


Henry Angelino and Janice Nierenhausen