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Montego Parking Structure Weekly Update Mar 4, 2022


Greetings Everyone,

Henry, our General Manager, Sergio, our Facilities Manager, and I attended a meeting on March 2nd with the Flexcor Construction Services. This company was approved by the Board of Directors at a Special Open Session meeting held on Thursday, February 17th after the ballots were counted. The following is a summary of the main points of the discussion.

Time Schedule- these are estimates.

2 weeks for Flexcor architect to develop demo and stormwater plan. Flexcor has approved for the architect to commence work while we finalize and sign the contract.

3 weeks for City to review demo plan/application and issue permit. This is based on conversations with the City.

2 weeks notice required for the Air Pollution Control District (APCD). Can be done in parallel with permit application with the City.

6 weeks for demolition by Flexcor including one week for preparing the structure and one week for cleaning up/setting up parking spaces.

11-13 weeks total.

The schedule began today, March 4th, following discussions between Flexcor and the City regarding details regarding permitting requirements. Again, it is estimated to take 13 weeks to complete the demolition planning and execution process which would be around the beginning of June. Normal working hours for Flexcor are expected to be 8am-4:30pm. By the way, they work on rainy days!

Parking-these are not written in stone.

Access inside the gate:

Emergency vehicles, garbage trucks, mail and delivery vehicles, like Amazon Prime, etc. and cars will be able to drive all the way to BLDG D in the Guest Parking area. However...Flexcor’s heavy machinery will be staged in the Guest Parking facing BLDG C. This will eliminate 5 spots. The other 3 spots facing BLDG D will be available for 20-minute loading/unloading during the day and a combination of loading/unloading and overnight parking after working hours. All of us should be parking on Coronado Cays Blvd-CCB- a majority of the days and nights. BLDG A Guest Parking has 7 parking spots. However...5 spots will be reserved for the residents with disabilities, (they all have handicapped placards), 1 for the 20-minute loading/unloading zone, 1 for contractor day use only (not Flexcor or contractors that live in the village!). Vehicles whose parking spots are along JV wall: you have a choice. You can continue parking in your spots, but with or without garages, your car will most likely get dusty. Also, it may be difficult to get in and out. Vehicles cannot extend beyond the parking spot into the safety lane between the garage and fencing around the work area. I am working with Flexcor to maximize access to these parking spots/garages by keeping the safety fence close to the portion of the parking garage not being demolished and by moving the rest of the fence back in towards the work area after working hours. Flexcor will do their best but please be flexible. If in doubt, park outside the village during working hours.

Please be respectful of designated parking areas and do not take advantage of the situation for our own benefit. It's just not fair or responsible. Those who do, will get a notice from Safety, who monitors all parking infractions 24/7 throughout the Cays. Safety is patrolling MV much more often to make sure residents are abiding by the new rules. If you keep on parking in reserved spots and ignore these notices, your vehicle will get towed at your expense.


Flexcor will be minimizing dust to the maximum extent possible but there will be lots of dust. Some measures planned to deal with the dust are:

Fire hose: At least one hose will be hooked up to the nearest fire hydrant which is at BLDG D which will be used throughout the day to keep the dust levels down. See attached demo video for an example of the demo equipment and fire hose combination. I have discussed the potential issue of lead and asbestos with Flexcor and they have stated that the parking structure does not contain either. Flexcor also spoke to the City about the issue and will include that fact on the permit application.

Flexcor will take full responsibility for cleaning the pool and replacing the pool filters in a timely manner after the demolition. A pool cover will not be used due to the concern for individuals entering the pool area, falling in, and possibly drowning.

Residents will be responsible for using their own methods to keep as much dust out of their units and garages as possible. I recommend keeping windows and doors closed during the demolition process and sealing cracks around garage doors as much as possible.

CCHOA: After the project is complete, a third party will be hired to power wash all of the BLDGs, pool area, clubhouse, and mailbox kiosks.

Janice Nierenhausen