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General Manager's Newsletter- FEB 2022


Dear Coronado Cays Homeowners and Residents,

2022 is finally here and it’s hard to believe we are already into February. New Year resolutions are typically already forgotten but for those of you dedicated and persistent individuals, keep pursuing your goals! COVID continues to impact our lives with the Omicron variant affecting more people than ever. New mask requirements for businesses and the ease at which Omicron is spread resulted in the HOA going back to virtual meetings via Zoom video-teleconference. The office is still open though and serving members, but Cal OSHA requires mandatory mask use in the office. COVID protocols have affected several HOA Staff reducing the number of personnel available to execute day-to-day operations with mandatory self-quarantines and isolations. Our contractors are also feeling the same pain with staff reductions due to COVID in safety, landscape maintenance, and maintenance projects. Don’t get me started about increased material costs and delays in delivery. We ask that all members remain flexible and understanding as we adjust schedules and work through the issues. On the positive side, COVID cases impacting the CCHOA Team, and their families have shown minor symptoms and speedy recoveries.

The January Board meeting included a Mid-Year Reserve Project Status Report. I was pleased to report that most Reserve projects had been completed or were in progress.

Recently completed projects included the following.

-          Phase 2 of a five-phase roofing renovation project in Mardi Gras

-          Trim painting cycle for Group 1 homes in Port Royale Village

-          Renovation of the Mardi Gras/Port Royal clubhouse pergola

-          Replacement of 3 of 5 parcel boxes in Port Royale

-          Retaining wall cap refurbishment in Jamaica Village


Ongoing projects include the following.

-          Resealing balconies and landings in Montego (Jan-Mar) and Antigua Villages (Dec-Feb)

-          Complete repaint of Group 1 homes in Mardi Gras (Finish in March)

-          Bahama/Antigua pool restroom renovation (first bathroom is expected to be completed on February 11th with the second one to be finished by February 28th. A single use, coed bathroom system will be in place until both bathroom renovations are complete.)


Contracts awarded at the January meeting include the following.

-          Renovation of the Trinidad/Kingston clubhouse and restrooms (February 7-June 1st)

-          Resurfacing the Trinidad/Kingston pool, spa, and deck (February 15th-March 15th)

-          Installing an AC unit at the Mardi Gras/Port Royale clubhouse

-          Replacing the furnace at the Montego clubhouse

-          Upgrading the central air vent ducting system at the Admin Complex


So which projects are in jeopardy for completion this fiscal year? The Cays Entrance Rear Wall renovation conceptual drawing was approved by the Board but is awaiting engineering drawings before it can be bid out. Repairs to HOA-maintained seawalls as well as piling repairs/replacement at Jamaica docks are waiting on contractor bids. Electrical pedestal and irrigation controller replacements have been delayed due to COVID-related supply chain issues. Green Turtle stone planter renovations are delayed pending action by the City of Coronado to address potential voids under the planters and adjacent to the seawall.


The Montego Village parking garage structure was an important topic on the Board meeting agenda. The 41-year-old concrete structure was declared unsafe by two structural engineers. They both recommended vacating the structure within 30 days or installing temporary shoring. A temporary shoring plan had been developed but the estimate for installing the shoring and the ongoing rental fees prompted a vote of Montego owners on whether to demolish the structure or to continue to explore retrofit repair options. The ballot was approved by the Board and immediately mailed to owners. A townhall meeting has been scheduled for owners to hear directly from structural engineers and a contractor before the voting deadline of February 17, 2022. Access to the parking garage structure will be secured on February 14th.

The HOA’s landscape maintenance contract is up for renewal this year and bids from seven contractors are being evaluated by Staff and directors. The expectation is to narrow the field down to approximately three candidates before making a final selection at the March Board meeting. Deep dives into capabilities and references along with client site visits are planned.

Park West was busy over the holidays with additional installation teams to complete multiple projects and start others.

-          Jamaica’s middle mall was refreshed with new plants and mulch added to home fronts

-          Green Turtle received new plants in raised planters and along their entrance coupled with additional mulch

-          Trinidad’s main entrance underwent a refresh with new mulch, boulders, and trimming and an invasive ficus tree was replaced by a pygmy palm and roses in the central greenway

-          Irrigation upgrades for entry courtyards were completed in Kingston and their final two ET Water irrigation controllers installed

-          Bahama received a refresh of seasonal color at their entrance and around the clubhouse

-          Blue Anchor’s monument and common area planters received new material

-          A second waterside greenway was renovated in Port Royale and mulch added to home fronts

-          Additional plant material installed in Mardi Gras waterside greenways and at their monument


In Common areas, a refresh of the corner of Grand Caribe Causeway and Coronado Cays Boulevard on the Bahama side was performed and is just waiting on additional plants. Planters at the southern entrance to the Admin Complex parking lot are being renovated with the installation of pygmy palms and stacked stone to assist with keeping pets off the plants. Additionally, two large coral trees were removed at the Admin Complex to mitigate the risk due to arbitrarily falling limbs. Green Leaf Tree Care reported internal damage to one large limb that was not externally visible. The HOA is waiting for CALTRANS to finish their ADA ramp work at the front entrance along Hwy 75 before refreshing damaged areas.


Good neighbor tip: Food waste is in the news as disposal is no longer allowed in the normal trash, gray bin, effective January 1st. Vegetable peels, eggshells, bones, food-soiled paper or cardboard, coffee grounds, bread products, and meat are now required to be placed in the green yard waste bin. Check the EDCO site for a full listing. Coronado has been following this new requirement since last March for single family homes but has not rolled out a plan yet to deal with condominiums and businesses. What to do with your food waste? I like to make sure I have some yard waste in my bin before adding food items to reduce the mess. Emerald Keepers has provided recommendations in the Eagle Journal including keeping meat scraps in the freezer until just before pickup day to reduce odors. Don’t generate enough food waste by yourself to put your bin out? Try checking with neighbors to see if you can combine your food waste on a rotating basis. Another option is to start composting your food waste. Emerald Keepers will be hosting composting workshops in the spring and plenty of information is available online. Let's have a great 2022.

CCHOA Management