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Green Turtle November 2021 Newsletter


Green Turtle November Newsletter

Street lights: We've had a lot of problems with burned-out street lights and lights that were on 24 hours a day and could not get the city to fix them. The new city manager introduced herself to the HOA board at the September meeting. I informed her of the problems we had and wondered why the city could not have it fixed. She said that she would look into it and try to get it done in 2 weeks. Everything has been done and all lights have been fixed. If you see a street light not working, look at the base and let me know the three numbers so we can inform the City and get it fixed.

Landscape: New plants have been ordered for our entrance and the raised planter boxes on Admiralty and some have been installed along with additional mulch. The remaining plants are due to be installed this month.

Seawall: The CCHOA recently contracted with TerraCosta Consulting Group to conduct an updated survey of the condition of all the seawalls and berms in the Coronado Cays. Their report is available on the CCHOA website at www.cchoa.org in the password protected section under Document Center, Choose A Category, Seawall Survey. Log in or request access on the website via the links on the homepage to view the seawall survey report. Look for the Green Turtle section then your street then your house number.

Both the CCHOA and the City have conducted seawall surveys over the years, and both the CCHOA and the City have repaired areas of the seawall that they are responsible for. In addition, the City has replenished sand in berm areas within City waters. The CCHOA will be sharing this survey with the City and will be requesting that the City repair any berms in City waters per survey recommendations.

Any seawall repairs are the property owner's responsibility, not the HOA. The survey was done by the HOA for your information and to assist with future Reserve Studies and seawall replacement planning.