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General Manager's Newsletter- November 2021


Dear Coronado Cays Homeowners and Residents,

Fall is here and the holidays are quickly approaching. Hard to believe Thanksgiving is less than three weeks away. Halloween celebrations in Coronado returned to a semi-normal state although the number of trick-or-treaters remained low in our portion of the Port Royale neighborhood compared to other years. COVID continues to impact our lives in many ways, some more subtle than others. I recently enjoyed a Coronado School of Arts production of “Chicago” with my wife but was happy to remove my mask after the show. Booster shots are available and being administered on a priority basis and vaccination rates in Coronado are extremely high. Supply chain concerns pop up daily with delays in shipping and reduced availability leading to higher prices. The workforce is still not back to normal and struggling to catch up with the demand. Still, life in Coronado and the Cays is pretty great with cooler temperatures, plenty of sunshine, and even the occasional rain. How about those thunderstorms in October? Pretty crazy!

Your HOA Staff has been keeping busy with Reserve projects, routine maintenance, work orders, and administering the Association. Common area projects completed this fiscal year, since July, include termite tenting of the entire Admin Complex, reroofing/replacing skylights at the Maintenance Complex and renovating the interior including the restrooms, and resealing the asphalt at the Admin Complex parking lot, the CCHOA boat storge yard, and the maintenance yard. Asphalt reseal projects were also completed for the private streets in Mardi Gras and between the garages in Antigua Village. Phase 2 of a five-phase roofing renovation project is nearing completion in Mardi Gras while a complete repaint of Group 1 homes is underway. The Mardi Gras/Port Royale clubhouse pergola is receiving a much-needed renovation to replace rotted wooden beams and corroded brackets while incorporating changes to increase longevity of the structure moving forward. Speaking of clubhouses, bids are being collected for the interior renovation of the Trinidad/Kingston clubhouse with an expected start date after the first of the year. New aluminum roof ladders were installed in Montego Village last week and bids are being collected from structural engineers to design a retrofit repair option for their concrete garage structure.  Bahama/Antigua pool furniture refurbishment is complete along with the replacement of the pool heater. Pool restroom renovations are scheduled to follow. Two dock projects are in the planning stages for Kingston and Antigua Villages to replace aging headwalks and fingers. The goal is to award both projects and start the permitting process with the Port of San Diego this year and execute the projects in FY2022-2023. In Jamaica, the beach planter renovation is complete with the installation of the final portion of skate stops to deter skateboarders from damaging the top caps of the planters. An updated camera system was installed at the Jamaica clubhouse and a new camera system installed at Montego Clubhouse along with expanded coverage at the Admin Complex.

A survey of seawalls in the Cays was completed by TerraCosta/Engeo earlier this year and the results are available on the CCHOA website by logging in to the member’s section. An earlier email blast went out to owners to provide background on this extensive survey and the importance of the results to maintaining our seawalls and providing input for future Reserve Study planning. The results of the study will be shared with the City of Coronado and include a request to address their areas of responsibility. HOA Staff is also marking sections of village common area seawalls requiring repair and collecting bids from contractors to make repairs. Repairing cracks and maintaining proper berm levels will assist with stabilizing the condition of the seawalls and extend their remaining useful life.  

On the administrative side of things, the HOA Staff is preparing to send out the recently approved annual audit of the Association’s finances for 2020-2021. The auditors provided a positive opinion of the CCHOA’s finances and accounting practices, stated that all of our funds were insured appropriately, and the HOA had an overall positive net income for the year. A Paycheck Protection Program loan secured at the beginning of COVID was forgiven and contributed significantly to the final net income number. Another priority for the HOA Administrative staff is collections and contacting owners that have not changed their automatic payment amounts to the new amounts published in the annual budget and disclosure packet. Two options are available when setting up automatic payments through CIT Bank, pay the account balance or pay a specific amount. If you chose a specific amount, then you will need to verify your automatic payment amount prior to the beginning of each new fiscal year to ensure it is correct.  Making sure your automatic payment is submitted before the 15th of the month will also prevent late fees of $10 or 10% whichever is greater. Not sure if your automatic payment is set up correctly, contact Kathie or Brianna at the CCHOA Office, 619-423-4353.

Landscape maintenance has shifted to the winter schedule with mowing and edging every two weeks. With the removal of Halloween decorations, turf areas are being fertilized and winter trimming of bushes is in full swing. Thinning out bushes and hedges allows for new growth and increased air flow which helps to prevent mold. White fly infestations have been a focus area for treatment, and we are making excellent progress although the battle continues. Landscape renovation projects have been budgeted for in the Reserves for many villages and are either in progress or being proposed/approved. Jamaica Village is refreshing the southern and middle malls with new plants and hardscape while Kingston Village is nearing the completion of a turf scalping, aerating, and overseeding project as well as a front courtyard irrigation upgrade. Antigua completed an irrigation project splitting turf and planted areas to increase efficiency and effectiveness. Bahama enlisted the aid of a landscape architect to redesign a greenway along the water and the entrance of the village just inside of the monument. Final revisions are being made to the plans before sharing the designs with residents. Trinidad is working on a refresh of their monument with added boulders after relocating blue pots to the clubhouse. Two projects for the central greenway are also approved and awaiting execution. Port Royale and Mardi Gras Villages are focusing on waterfront greenways with splitting of irrigation and replanting along Aruba Bend and adding plants along Tunapuna. Port Royale is also reviewing a proposal to refresh the monument areas while Mardi Gras is replacing plants at their monument that suffered salt damage during a previous windstorm.

Architectural and Environmental Control Committee and Administrative Approval request numbers continue to be elevated with nearly 30 a month keeping AECC/Code Enforcement Coordinator Renee Stavros and the Committee busy. The approval authority for AECC requests is the Board of Directors who receive recommendations from the AECC. The approval authority for Administrative Approval requests is the General Manager who receives input from HOA Staff and the applicable village director. A revision of Member Handbook Section 9.0 AECC is in progress and will be presented to the Board and to the membership for comment prior to adoption. It is the largest and, arguably, the most important section of the Handbook.

Good Neighbor Tip: Incidents with dogs off leash and in one case, dogs biting a resident, have increased recently. The Member Handbook Section 4.0 rules follow the City’s ordinances concerning protecting the public from dogs and the requirement for dogs to be on leash except for the dog run at Coronado Cays Park and Dog Beach near North Island. Please be a good neighbor and do not let your dog run free while walking around the neighborhood or on your way to and from the dog run.  The rules are for the safety of people and pets alike.

Henry Angelino