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It’s time for just a quick update on several issues within our Antigua community. It wasn’t a normal summer, but it was so much better. Nice to see everyone out having fun within our community, the channels and our local City.

1. FRONT LANDINGS AND STAIRS. We have completed all of the final units. The only ones not done are those that have been tiled by an owner. We should be in good shape for the winter and beyond.

2. WATERSIDE PATIO DECKS. We have signed a contract to have all of the upstairs patios recoated. We are looking to start this project in November. As part of this process, they will be repairing any damage. Damage caused by owners will be address separately. As you know, not maintaining these surfaces caused us to spend a great deal of money repairing them and the units below. As I’m sure we all know, these decks are really the roof for the lower units living room, so keeping them sealed is critical. I would remind everyone these decks have weight limits. They can only hold so many plants and furniture. General precautions include:

Avoid placing heavy objects on the deck, as they can affect the movement of the decking system, resulting in small surface cracks.

Avoid heavy point loads being applied directly to the deck.

Do not expose the deck covering system to harsh chemicals or acids.

Do not subject the deck covering to continuous heavy rolling loads.

Do not cover the deck surface with carpeting, mats or any other impermeable surface.

Do not puncture decking or waterproof membrane.

Do not cut or slice the deck covering.

3. SEAWALL SURVEY. This document was completed and is available on the CCHOA website. It shows several areas of concern in Antigua as to the height of the sand berm along the seawall as well as a number of areas we need to repair on the walls. We are getting bids to perform the needed repairs. This is really a big step forward as we have done little or no maintenance on these walls for years. Learning how to maintain and starting a program to maintain these walls will help with keeping them sound. It is amazing the number of things we can do to maintain a wall. Who knew?

4. BOAT DOCKING. A very big Thank You to everyone for getting their boats docked bow in. With that done, I can now pursue the City of Coronado to replace or add sand to the seawalls. The responsibility to maintain this berm level was clearly defined in a previous lawsuit with the city, however they (the city) stated they would not perform the work if vessels were backed in. Thanks to everyone’s efforts that argument is now mute.

5. CHIMNEY CAPS. We have completed this project. Every unit now has a stainless chimney cap. Further, I think we were able to improve the attachment to reduce any leaks.

6. NAVIGATION LIGHTS. We have replaced several bulbs and fixtures on the Cays navigational aids. We have also ordered new, brighter fixtures for several of the pilings to help with seeing them at night. We are further looking to replace some additional reflective boards.

7. ROOF MAINTENANCE. October is the month we will clean the flat roofs and inspect them to be sure they are ready for the winter. They do seem to build up a lot of dirt and leaves over the year and getting that removed really helps the water flow to the drains.

8. ASPHALT WORK. We will be doing some asphalt repairs and patching as well as crack filling prior to the 20th of October. On the 20th they will be sealing and striping the areas between the garages. You will not be able to leave or reinter your garage until after 1pm on the 21st.

9. GARAGE ELECTRIC. We’re still waiting on SDG&E so we can proceed. We have submitted plans and pulled the permit with the city. More to come soon, I hope.

10.GUTTER CLEANING. Cleaning of the gutters is listed as the responsibility of the owner. Unfortunately, it seems to go undone. When the gutters don’t flow because of dirt and debris they overflow into the units below. We will be checking to try and be sure they are clean and free of debris before we get too far into this winter.

Thanks for all your efforts and understanding. Have a great holiday season.