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Mardi Gras 2021 October Newsletter


October 2021 Mardi Gras Newsletter

Good morning or afternoon to all Mardi Gras homeowners and residents. This email is an update on Mardi Gras maintenance and happenings that might affect you. 

All of Mardi Gras private roads will receive some repairs and will be totally resealed during the following schedule. This does not apply to Mardi Gras Road. Included will be all of Delaport, South Cays, Tunapuna and Mardi Gras Court. For those of you that have forgotten, you absolutely do not want to drive on the roads during resurfacing as I have no idea how you will ever get your car clean.
                Tuesday, 10/19/2021 all of Delaport and Mardi Gras Court. American Concrete will start at 7am.
                Wednesday, 10/20/2021 South Cays Court and Tunapuna Lane. American Concrete will start at 7am.

Please don’t wait until 7am to try and start moving your car. All cars can return the following day after 1 pm.

Parking is available on Mardi Gras Road or in your garage (if you have no use for your car for a couple of days). Mardi Gras Village has been advised that resealing is more cost efficient than doing a total resurfacing (grinding the roads down and applying a new surface) as the roads do not currently need to have that type of repair. It is presumed that a total resurfacing may be needed in 4-5 years.

Bulk item pickup will be on Monday, October 18, 2021 just before Mardi Gras roads are resealed.
Roof repairs continue along South Cays and the west side of Tunapuna Lane. Next year, the roofs along the east side of Tunapuna Lane will be repaired. The roofs are 30 years old and it was definitely time to have the underlayment as well as the drip edge replaced. Broken tiles are also being replaced and in some cases new plywood put down as needed. The drip edge and z-bar is stainless so it is assumed the durability will be long lasting and certainly look better.

All remodeling projects and/or changes to the exterior of your home need to receive approval from the A.E.C.C. and/or approval from the general manager. If you have any questions about your contemplated changes to your home, please call the Cays office-619-423-4353.

Please remember that animals are not allowed on the tennis courts or in the pool area. Of course this exclusion applies to bikes, skates, skate boards or any type of device that will mar the tennis courts. 

Painting will be continuing throughout Mardi Gras this year and next. You will be notified as the time nears for your home to be painted. The paint is supposed to have a 10 year warranty. Plaster repair is also occurring prior to painting. The salt spray and air necessitated a different approach to the Mardi Gras plaster repair and paint schedule.

If at any time you have concerns about the Cays or the maintenance of your home please let the CCHOA office know (619-423-4353). If you have continuing problems, ideas or concerns please let me know. As frequently stated, “I believe this is a wonderful place to live and a great village to live in”. It remains my desire to be proud of our village and I appreciate you letting me know when and where you think we can improve our village. 

Thank you, 
Bob Rood, Mardi Gras Director