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MONTEGO NEWSLETTER October, November, December 2021


October, November, December 2021

Hello Everyone,

Here are some updates about what’s going on around Montego.

Parking Structure: 

We’ve had two Townhall Meetings.  The first one was held on April 1, 2021 via ZOOM with three options:

                        (1) Tear down and replace with like structure.

                        (2) Tear down and replace with roofed garages.

                        (3) Repair.   
The second Townhall Meeting was held on August 21, 2021 in person at our Clubhouse. An Advisory Ballot was included with 
                       (1) Tear down and replace with like structure

                       (2) Tear down and replace with roofed garages.  

After that Townhall Meeting, a revised Advisory Ballot was provided with Option 3 as a retrofit repair which will not involve a tear down. We will have to spend additional money to investigate this option.  Please return your ballot to the HOA Admin Office no later than October 8, 2021 for it to be counted.

On September 3, 2021, CCHOA provided copies of structural engineer reports and test results on the concrete, discussed in previous communications, for those who requested them.

We will be having a third Townhall meeting in the near future.

Maintenance: Due to the cost of the Parking Structure, I have decided to cut back on many of the housekeeping projects I had in mind for this FY 2021-2022.  There are only two that I would like to get done this year: (1) replace dumpster doors (2) re-stucco and paint the pillars along the front fences.

Already underway is the power-washing of our buildings. This will be done every one or two years.    Reserve projects scheduled for this year are:

                         (1) replace the roof ladders in October with new aluminum ladders that won’t leave rust

marks on the Allura siding. They are being manufactured and expected to be ready for install in October.

                         (2) reseal balcony decks to maintain our water-proofing warranty for the Dex-o-Tex

system. We are finalizing the contract and will provide all of the details once the project is scheduled.

Landscaping: I take a monthly Landscaping Walk with our Park West Manager, Mike, and our General Manager, Henry.  Our landscaping is so fantastic that it only needs a little tweaking now and then.  I am now focusing on allowing the hawthorns (those green bushes with the pink flowers in front of our condos) to grow taller.  My goal is to hide some of the mulch.  I have also requested that our bushes with the beautiful purple and white flowers are not “hedged” thus removing the flowers.  Of course, when the blooming season is over, PW can go back to hedging them. PW has added a few new plants to bare areas here and there that could use some sprucing up.  That large palm tree planter near BLDG B/C mailbox kiosk has been planted with a lot of what I call “puffy grass”. It doesn’t look that great right now, but it will. I am loving the slope in back of BLDG C…the green vines are covering most all of the dirt.  There are some triangular planters along the waterfront with flowers that can’t thrive in the salt water air and always look like they are dying.  I have requested yellow lantana as a replacement. Lantana is a very popular flowering plant all over the Cays and Coronado. I think they are pretty hardy and may bloom year-round.    On another note, PW could pay a little bit more attention to weeding.  Job security…

Clubhouse: In the last newsletter, I stated that the Clubhouse would be open daily from 10:00 a.m.to 7:00 p.m.  A day or two later, I was told that the idea was unsafe should unattended children enter and head for the pool. Thus, it is only opened when requested.  If you ever want to use the Clubhouse for a family function contact CCHOA to reserve the date and time. Their number is (619) 423-4353.    

I call the Clubhouse the “dead zone” for obvious reasons. However, we now have a Book Club the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 2:00pm. The books we’ve read so far are: “Where the Crawdads Sing”, “Death on Ocean Blvd Inside the Coronado Mansion Case” and now “Our Souls at Night”. I get books at the library.  It’s fun to hear everybody’s opinions and a great place to meet your neighbors. Also, we now have a pool table and a ping pong table will be placed on top of it as soon as we buy one.  If you would like to play, just contact me the day before your reservation so I can open and close it. Of course, you are allowed to bring your friends and family. AND, if you can think of other activities, like cards, board games, jigsaw puzzles, anything for a get together, please let me know.

Member Handbook: The Member Handbook has been updated with previously approved resolutions and is available online on the CCHOA Website under the Document Center section.  It will answer most of the questions you have regarding rules and regulations.

AECC: AECC-Architectural Environmental Control Committee:  If you want to remodel your condo, you must go through the AECC before you do anything.  They will review your request at their monthly meeting on the 2nd Tuesday and make a recommendation to the Board to either accept or deny your plans. The Board makes the final decision at their monthly meeting. All of the forms are on the CCHOA Website in the Document Center. 

Code Enforcement:  Just a few items to mention: 1) Please keep in mind, if you are an upper-level unit to be mindful of your neighbor below. Loud noises or activities can vibrate through walls, disturbing and impacting your neighbors.  2) Actively working with dock owner and Port of San Diego in cleaning up appearance and other items as needed.  Any questions relating to code enforcement or AECC, please contact Renee Stavros at codeenforcement@cchoa.org