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AECC Application Approval Process


The following are the steps for approval of an AECC application:

1.     Obtain and submit a complete application, along with required submittal fee, a detailed description of the proposed plan or architectural plans showing, but not limited to, all dimensions, elevations, measurements, and material finishes to be used. Application forms are available at www.cchoa.org in the Document Center.

2.     Submit application no later than the 4th Monday of the month to have it considered at the next AECC Committee meeting. The AECC Committee meets on the 2nd Tuesday of every month.  A notification will be sent to you and your architect the Friday before the meeting with details.  Neighbor notifications will also be sent to neighboring properties two weeks prior to the meeting to inform them of proposed projects/plans and allow them an opportunity to express any concerns.

3.     Submittals will be reviewed by the AECC and the Committee will make a recommendation to the Board, to approve or deny. The Board of Directors will meet on the 4th Thursday of each month and vote to approve, table, or deny the application.  An outcome letter will be provided to owners informing them of the Board’s decision.  Projects cannot be started or submitted to the City of Coronado without Board of Directors’ approval.

4.     If your application/plan is approved and requires a permit(s) from the City of Coronado, please come to the Association office to pick up your three (3) sets of stamped "Approved" plans so they can be submitted by you to the City of Coronado Community Development Department to apply for a permit(s). The Association will keep one set of plans in the Association file.

5.     A copy of any permit(s) and a copy of the City’s stamped “Approved” 11x17 construction plans on all elevations and all floor plans is required to be provided to the Association office prior to starting construction work. When submitting your permit, advise the Association office the date you will begin construction. Construction finish dates must meet the rules provided in Section 9.0 of the Member Handbook six (6) months for a remodel, nine (9) months for a major remodel, and fifteen (15) months for new construction teardowns from the actual start date.  If completion finish date exceeds this deadline, you are required to request an extension of time to complete and provide new estimated finish date.  Failure to provide these documents to the Association office or request an extension of time to complete is a violation of the governing documents.

6.     The Association must approve any changes to your CCHOA approved plans. This includes changes required by the City of Coronado Building Department. The General Manager and AECC Chair may administratively approve inconsequential changes. Significant changes to the CCHOA approved plans must be submitted to the AECC and Board of Directors for additional consideration and approval.