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Montego July through September 2021 NEWLETTER


Montego Newsletter for July through
September 2021

Hello everyone,

     As you know, I have been posting information about MV on our three bulletin boards.  Now, I will be providing the same type of information on the CCHOA Website under Announcements.  The Website provides a lot of other information that you may be interested in and answers many questions you may have.  Check it out!

Maintenance:  The major projects completed during FY 2020-21 were:  green lanterns along sidewalks repainted, new dog feces stations placed all around MV, IPE Oil applied on all bannisters, sanding and painting balcony rails on BLDG A, and all roofs cleaned.  Monthly cleaning of garbage dumpster corrals, mailbox kiosks and parking spots. FY 2021-22 projects include lots of patching and/or painting: “brick” walls, front pillars, dumpster doors (maybe new ones), balcony rails on BLDGs B, C and D, balcony cracks and waterproofing, all five fire hydrants, and fire extinguisher boxes.  Cleaning projects include:  power washing entire village, rails up the stairs, and roofs. Misc:  New ladders will be installed that lead up to the roofs due to the visible rust marks on the Allura left by the current ladders. Also, I am requesting that the signs on the front gates get replaced as the current ones are faded and peeling.  Maybe the signs on the pool gates.

Landscaping:  Doesn’t it look beautiful?  Can you smell that jasmine?  Planting projects completed during FY 2020-21 were: adding agave to BLDG A slope by mailbox kiosk to prevent people from taking a shortcut, what I call “puffy grass” to the palm tree planter close to the BLDG B/C mailbox kiosk, two new trees at BLDG D, succulents in the planters behind BLDG D near the JV Gate, a French drain along the village boundary wall south of the BLDG D trash enclosure to allow moisture to seep out into the planted area versus through the trash enclosure and into the street, and palm tree trimming of those super tall ones along the waterfront.  FY 2012-22 projects will include adding grass seed to all the bare spots and plant replacement/additions in various locations. That’s all I can think of right now.  Just want to let you know Park West’s schedule for trimming plants around the BLDGs:  BLDG A on the first Friday, BLDG B on the second Friday, BLDG C on the third Friday, and BLDG D on the fourth Friday.

Parking Structure:  As of now, we have three options: (1) repair only, (2) demolish and replace with new tennis courts, (3) demolish, add new roofs like the one closest to Jamaica Village wall, and install new storage cabinets. The first priority, not option, is what’s safest, with the second being cost. We are still in the process of collecting more information.  Until then, the Structural Engineer will inspect the structure every six months to ensure the integrity of the concrete. NO FINAL DECISION HAS BEEN MADE! In the future, we will be having a second Town Hall Meeting, this time in the Clubhouse.  The earliest date the project will begin is after Labor Day of 2022, unless safety concerns dictate otherwise.  We will be placing money from our monthly assessments into reserves to offset a portion the cost.

Code Enforcement:  Parking spaces with excessive storage items need to cleared, removed or placed in storage cabinet to provide ease of access and allow open space.  One vehicle is being stored or non-operable, along with other storage items, that must be removed.  Summer is here and parking is a premium. Reminder, guest parking is for guests.  Please use your assigned parking space to allow open guest spaces when possible.

Use of Clubhouse:   Clubhouse will be open from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Please contact me for ideas, questions, and comments.

Janice at  DirMontego@CCHOA.org