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June Newsletter for Green Turtle Village

Excerpts from June-July Code Enforcement Report to the Board of Directors:
A.     2021 Approved dock projects that will starting after City or Port permits are issued.
1.     27 The Point – Remove & Replace (In review)
2.     19 The Point – Remove & Replace
3.     28 The Point – Remove & Replace
4.     36 Spinnaker – Remove & Replace
5.     16 The Point – Remove & Replace
B.     Trash can notifications for June = 19. (Recently there has been a marked improvement but CCHOA continues to monitor)
C.     Vehicles improperly parked for June = 2, and 2 repeat offenders are now in compliance
D.     Lack of Property Maintenance for June = 2
Because of the time and expense of constantly notifying a few properties of infractions, we are going to the three-strike rule. Two notices, then the owner will have to appear before the Board and be possibly fined.
E.     AECC Projects for review for July (2): 51 Green Turtle (Roof) & 27 the Point (dock)
a.     2 projects have notified HOA they will be starting mid-July. I have been asking projects to provide screening to reduce impact to neighbors.
b.     I have also attached the Contractors rules & regulations to reference. I provide this to all contractors prior to construction.
c.     2 admin approvals: 1 solar and another property had multiple projects/repairs (38 Admiralty)
F.     RULES Hearings (2): Hearing 1 Storage on lots, Improper parking in driveway and Lack of Maintenance and Hearing 2 – Trash cans
G.     All construction vehicles have been requested to park on the Cays Blvd to reduce the impact to neighbors.

End of excerpts

Tire Island 
Historically, Tire Island was maintained by the HOA. However, on 7/26/2001 the Board voted unanimously to allocate $10,000 to repair it and have Green Turtle maintain it. I was not on the board! A rough estimate is that it would cost $30,000 to repair and another $10,000 every three years to maintain it, while only approximately 19 homes might benefit directly from Tire Island. 
The seawall inspection is complete. We should get the report before the end of the month. A copy will be provided to every property owner.
One item the lead marine engineer was concerned with is the number of boats in the Cays moored stern in and the potential impact on the berm and bulkhead. The reason for docking your boat bow in is that the sand berm supporting the footing of the seawall may be blown away when the propeller turns. Thus, the seawall can kick out from the bottom.

Parking on Admiralty Cross

I am trying to figure out why Admiralty all of a sudden has so much parking on the waterside. Anybody having any ideas or know what's happening, please contact me so we can correct it, if necessary.

C.C.H.O.A. Member Handbook 
Section 9.9 Requirements for Home Construction and Remodeling 
9.9.1 Remodeling – There are two classes of remodeling, “Remodeling” and “Major Remodeling.” Major remodeling is defined as remodeling that increases the home’s square footage by 50% or more. The completion time for each class will be based on the date actual construction or demolition work begins and will be six (6) months for “Remodeling” and nine (9) months for “Major Remodeling.” It is the owner’s responsibility to notify the Association office in writing of the date actual construction or demolition begins. 
9.9.2 New Construction/Teardowns – The completion time will be based on the date the actual construction or demolition begins and will be 15 months. It is the owner’s responsibility to notify the Association office in writing of the date actual construction or demolition begins. 
9.9.3 Penalty for Non-Compliance – A fine of $500 per week shall be assessed for the first six (6) weeks and $1,000 per week thereafter. These fines will be cumulative from the date the homeowner is notified of their non-compliance until the project is completed. Extensions may be granted by AECC, with Board approval, for extenuating circumstances. 
9.9.4 Association Property Damage - Any damage to Association property during the course of construction or remodel/alteration shall be corrected to the satisfaction of the Association and shall be verified by CCHOA staff. 
9.9.5 Construction Site Cleanliness -All construction sites in the Coronado Cays must be kept neat and orderly at all times. 
9.9.6 Screening – Remodels, New Home Construction, Demolition and reconstruction affecting the exterior of the house must be screened from public view with fencing across the street frontage and to the building setback line. The screen shall be standard dark green construction site screen, impervious, and a minimum of six feet in height. All materials, equipment, portable toilets, and trash bins must be kept on the building site, inside the dwelling or screened from public view. 
9.9.7 Construction Vehicles, Equipment and Materials - Construction vehicles or equipment are not permitted to be parked on the streets or unscreened area on the construction site overnight or weekends and holidays. Contractors shall make every effort to ensure workers’ vehicles are parked in such a manner as to not block streets and driveways, and are dispersed in such a manner as not to inhibit the parking needs of adjacent neighbors. Contractors must obtain proper permits for items stored in the public right of way, and provide adequate safeguards for materials or equipment that blocks the streets or sidewalks. The Security department will monitor the use of streets for construction vehicles and equipment and report violations of these rules to the City of Coronado. 
9.9.8 Trash Bins - Trash bins, roll off boxes, dumpsters, and mini-storage units may not be kept in the Coronado Cays over a weekend or holiday. The exception to this requirement is three-yard dumpsters that are screened or kept in the garage. 
9.9.9 Construction Noise Curfew – It shall be unlawful for any person, between the hours of 7:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. of any day or at any time on legal holidays and Sundays to erect, construct, demolish, excavate for, alter or repair any building or structure in such a manner as to create a disturbing, excessive or offensive noise unless a noise control permit has been applied for and granted beforehand by the City of Coronado Noise Control Officer. 
Legal Holidays are: New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, President’s Birthday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veteran’s Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.

I hope you find this update useful and informative about what is happening in our village. Please continue to provide inputs to me or the HOA on areas for improvement or concern. Together we can keep Green Turtle Village a beautiful place to live, play, and enjoy. 

Sincerely, Rudy Dew

Green Turtle Cay Village Director