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Mardi Gras 2021 July Newsletter

Good morning or afternoon to all of Mardi Gras’ homeowners and residents. I hope your 4th of July was a satisfying and rewarding event. This email is an update on Mardi Gras news and maintenance.

All of the roof repairs on Delaport are either finished or nearing completion. As mentioned in the last newsletter, the roofs are 30 years old and the underlayment needed to be replaced, which necessitated the removal of all roof tiles adding new underlayment and plywood where needed and then reinstalling the tiles. The additional cost to these repairs was necessitated by the rusting of the drip edge around the roofs which could cause leaks. It was also discover that the “Z-Bar” was also rusting and needed replaced. This caused additional expense since about 2 feet of plaster on either side had to be removed and replaced. The replacement ‘Z-Bar” and drip edge are all being replaced with stainless steel. With the completion of Delaport roofs, roofing will resume in South Cays Court and the west side of Tunapuna. The following years will include the east side of Tunapuna and Mardi Gras Road. The cost was $1 million higher than the previously budgeted amounts as stipulated by the Reserve specialists.

Painting will begin along Delaport soon. The homes involved should receive a notice ahead of painting. This again, is a serious maintenance item as the plaster has not held up as it should. The dampness coupled with salt spray has been particularly hard on the exterior of the Delaport homes. Mardi Gras has upped the paint schedule to accommodate the new weather resistant paint that should help the weathering on the homes. It has a 10 year warranty so this will save 2 years of repainting since Mardi Gras has been on an 8 year schedule. The painting will occur over different phases, depending on the seriousness of the stucco deterioration. The additional maintenance does put pressure on the Mardi Gras reserves, and to date special assessments have been avoided. The annual dues did increase this year and I would assume they will increase again next year. Mardi Gras has been well funded for maintenance items as they occur and to date deferred maintenance has not been considered. Mardi Gras is one of four condo villages in the Cays out of a total of 10 villages. As you know, this village is financially responsible for the upkeep on roofing, painting, and seawalls.

The tennis courts have been completely refurbished with a new deck, paint, fencing and netting. The wind screen and gate key fob should be installed soon. There is a sign up chalkboard to use the courts so please try them out.

Parking in Mardi Gras can be difficult at times. If you have two cars please try to park both in the garage. Cars should not be parked across the sidewalks thus making driveways not acceptable for parking. In the Coronado Cays Specific Plan it stipulates that cars are NOT to be parked in driveways longer than 72 hours.

Vegetation Visibility
As a reminder, the rear yard of Mardi Gras homes on the bay must be kept sufficiently clear of plants and trees to allow good visibility across that portion of the lot within 10 feet of the bulkhead wall. This is contained in the Coronado Cays Specific Plan.

Currently the Mardi Gras/Port Royale pool no longer has a requirement for monitoring. The CCHOA had an $80,000 over budget expense for pool monitoring. It is refreshing to be returning to some form of normalcy.

If at any time you have concerns about the Cays or the maintenance of your home please let the CCHOA office know (619-423-43530. If you have continuing problems, ideas or concerns please let me know. I continue to believe this is a wonderful place to live and a great village to live in. Thank you, Bob Rood, Mardi Gras Director