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General Manager's Newsletter- JUNE 2021

Dear Cays Homeowners and Residents,

We are finally approaching the opening up of California after 15 months of coronavirus and a stay-at-home order. The County has confirmed that there will be no restrictions on outdoor pools and no monitoring requirement. Thus, all village pools will be open for business-as-usual starting on Tuesday, June 15th. Your HOA Maintenance Team is busy doing some last-minute deep cleaning and setting up of furniture in preparation of the re-opening of Montego, Bahama/Antigua, and Jamaica pools. We are still waiting to hear what restrictions will be imposed, if any, for clubhouses but expect to start having them available for use as well, starting on the 15th. Lastly, we are evaluating new guidance announced over the weekend concerning office operations for fully vaccinated versus non-vaccinated employees and will clarify if there are restrictions on opening back up for routine business and notary services on June 15th.

It is great to be getting back to normal just in time for the summer and the City is assisting with daily MTS bus passes. The HOA Office will be distributing passes starting today, June 8th, similar to the distribution of passes in 2019. The passes are good for the day they are activated and can be used on all MTS buses and trolleys although the program is designed to reduce vehicles in the City of Coronado. Residents are asked to be considerate of others and only request the number of passes they need for a week at a time. Bus passes will not be required for the 4th of July free shuttles provided by the City that will be picking up and dropping off near the Cays Fire Station.

As we approach the end of our fiscal year on June 30th, the CCHOA Staff is busy finishing up this year’s remaining items. I previously reported about multiple projects in progress and am proud to report that the following items have been completed: final closeout and payment for Kingston Village renovation, painting the pool fencing and replacing concrete pathways in Jamaica Village, performing repairs to the external wall along Coronado Cays Boulevard between Jamaica and Montego Villages and at the entrances to Trinidad Village, painting the interior of the southern sound wall at Bahama Village, and selecting a designer for the renovation of the Trinidad/Kingston clubhouse in 2021-2022. We are making significant progress on painting and performing repairs to the interior of the Bahama/Antigua clubhouse (expected to complete by June 15th), renovating the Mardi Gras/Port Royale tennis court (fencing complete and resurfacing scheduled for this month), roof and stucco repairs in Mardi Gras Village along Delaport Lane (90% complete), and an interior renovation of the HOA Maintenance Building (80% complete). A Cays-wide seawall inspection was approved by the Board and the data collection portion has been completed. Correlated results and detailed reports are expected to be provided to the HOA in July and will be shared with owners.

Projects that will carry over into next fiscal year are the renovation of the restrooms at the Bahama/Antigua pool, gaining permit approval for and executing the Antigua garage electrical upgrade that will enable electric car charging, the redesign and renovation of the Cays entrance rear wall, Bahama Village greenway landscape upgrade, and the renovation of the Trinidad/Kingston clubhouse and restrooms. Meanwhile, we have moved several projects forward to resolve maintenance issues including Jamaica beach planter restoration (in progress), Kingston Village exterior light replacement (Phase 1 complete, Phase 2 light fixtures on order), Kingston Village irrigation upgrades (in progress), and Antigua dock electrical upgrades (completed).

Major projects planned for FY 2021-2022 which will continue to improve and maintain our community include: Phase 2 of Mardi Gras roofing and stucco repairs, exterior painting of the Mardi Gras/Port Royale clubhouse and trellis, painting of trim/metal for Phase 1 homes in Port Royale and Mardi Gras, irrigation controller upgrades in Blue Anchor, replastering the Trinidad/Kingston pool and spa plus repairing/recoating the deck, sealing/top coating balconies and landings in Antigua, repairing stone planters in Green Turtle, and installing a new camera system at the Jamaica clubhouse/pool area.

Good Neighbor Tip: The Cays is experiencing a record number of architectural projects throughout the 10 villages and owners need to be considerate of their neighbors by minimizing the impact of their projects. Ensuring contractors minimize the number of vehicles at the construction site and park other vehicles on Coronado Cays Boulevard and shuttle workers to the construction site, will go a long way in keeping your neighbors supportive of your efforts to improve your home.

Get outside and enjoy,

Henry Angelino
CCHOA General Manager