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Jamaica Newsletter- April 2021

Hello Everyone, 

 It is nice to see our Village slowly starting to enjoy life again.  We have some new neighbors on each of our streets. Let us Welcome you to Jamaica Village and The Coronado Cays! It truly is a lovely place to call home. 

Now to fill you in on some new changes you might be seeing in the coming months. Our General Manager, the President of the Board, and I are addressing some minor issues prior to the coming of our summer season in Jamaica Village.  It is our hope to have an enjoyable spring and summer in Jamaica.  Safety is always the top concern as an HOA and we are currently dealing with these safety issues. 

 Our Village is a diverse group of homeowners.  We have every age group which brings a unique set of needs.  Respecting our neighbors and our Common Areas is important. We all equally share these areas and have a right to use them safely and with courtesy. 

We are addressing the safety of the clubhouse area.  The office gets calls regarding skateboards, scooters and bicycles going off the steps, along the waterfront, the Clubhouse planters and around the corners of the clubhouse.  Although it is clearly posted prohibiting this activity, we still have a dangerous issue occurring. We have had some near misses with some of our residents walking around the corners in the area, and skateboards running into small children and pets along the waterfront. It is in this regard, we are placing skateboard stops along the entire clubhouse area, stairways down to the waterfront and the benches along the waterfront. Our entire Board wants us to increase the monitoring of the clubhouse due to the liability issues. We are going to update the camera system which can record the activity around our Clubhouse and waterfront. We will be using the same system the HOA Business center and docks use, as well as Mardi Gras and Port Royale. The Board agrees we need to have all amenities up to the same standard. 

We are repainting the fence around the pool area. We also have a new pool deck coating. I asked for a power washing and window cleaning of the clubhouse as well.   We had some severe wind/sand storms which left a great deal of dirt in all the ledges in the wood. We will be painting the clubhouse within the next fiscal year, which starts July 2021. I do not know when our State will let us open the clubhouse for gatherings, but I want to be ready when it happens.  The office staff can keep you informed of any change. 

In the past couple of years, we have had an influx of change in staffing.  This includes; Our General Manager, Two Maintenance managers, Our entire Landscape Department, Safety Department, Code Enforcement Supervisor, Dock-master, Office Manager, Account Supervisor and almost all office staff. We still have Kathie Kawai.  She has been promoted to CCHOA Administrative Manager.  During this time our Directors have all had to volunteer their time to help address their Village’s unique and individual needs. We also came together to address some Common HOA issues. Each and every one of our new personnel have come in with their valuable skill sets, but still spent countless months learning their new position. The Cays interacts with very large government agencies which makes stepping into any of our HOA positions a bit longer to learn.  It is during the last couple years we have hired a strong General Manager and a set of outstanding supervisors in each department. At no time did any Director “run” a Village. Our General Manager has stepped in during a very tough period of COVID, major re-construction of an entire Village, City Issues, wharfage issues, seawall and dredging issues, while addressing the changing staffing in each department.  The Coronado Cays needs have changed over the last 50 years. Outlining these changes is just another large area the entire staff has to be up to date on. 

It is because of the above activity, and the office being closed due to COVID, I felt it would be helpful to have our Village get to know the General Manager and each Department Supervisor or Manager, by email.  I want you to feel the connection we have with our HOA and what they have been doing for our Village and the Cays. Getting a glimpse of what they do for us can only help keep the respect going on both sides. Now that all these employees have been actively working in our organization, they can assist you.  When you have an issue, you can call them directly. Over the coming months, please watch for the CCHOA Staff introduction emails.

 I am still always available, if you cannot find the help you need.  I would like you to meet Henry Angelino via email. Henry is our Coronado Cays General Manager and is providing a Jamaica Village specific update.  


Karen Farmer 
Jamaica Village


Dear JamaicaVillagers,
It has been a unique, scary, and frustrating last 12 months with the coronavirus pandemic and restrictions to prevent the potential spread of the disease. Our lives have been turned upside down and, in some cases, changed forever. Luckily, we can start to look back as vaccination numbers continue to increase and San Diego County just moved into the Orange Tier. Normalcy, if you can call it that, is projected to return in mid-June with the lifting of the stay-at-home order as long as the positive trends continue. Coronavirus has not been eliminated, however, and we must remain vigilant and follow state and county guidance to minimize the spread.
In the midst of the pandemic, Jamaica Village experienced another challenge, the issue of the waterfront gate between Jamaica and Montego. After extensive debate and owner input, a formal mediation session, and an investigation by an executive committee, the Board adopted a resolution to lock the gate except for use by emergency and maintenance personnel. Recommendations from the executive committee included:
-Jamaica Village consider using security cameras to monitor beach, dock and clubhouse area usage, and/or consider installing some type of fencing to address the issue of unauthorized access to JV amenities.
-Respective villages continue to work together to reach a better solution to present to the Board, if they wish to do so.
-Board pass appropriate resolutions clarifying who can use Village amenities in cases where who is allowed to use the various amenities is not clear.
Village amenities will still be at risk as activities open up and individuals challenge our privacy. To assist with protecting our assets, we will be replacing our aging clubhouse camera system with new up-to-date digital cameras and a recorder. We will also improve the “No Trespassing” signage around the beach and docks to meet state standards and allow for the prosecution of individuals that blatantly disregard the Village’s private property. If you see an issue, please do not hesitate to contact CCHOA Safety at 619-575-8100 or the Coronado Police at 911 for emergencies or 619-522-7350 for non-emergencies.
Village Projects
As we near the end of the 2020-2021 fiscal year, I wanted to provide an update on the projects we have completed, the projects in progress, and what is planned for the 2021-2022 fiscal year. COVID made for an interesting situation with maintenance as certain contractors closed down during the early stages and were unavailable to perform work. Still, we managed to complete or make significant progress on every Reserve project. The gazebos near the beach received a much-needed facelift early in the fiscal year followed by minor repairs and painting to the entrance/monument walls. We are still working with a vendor to replace the “Jamaica Village” signs as they badly degraded. The remaining portion of the exterior wall between the Jamaica entrance and Montego Village is also being repaired and painted during the month of April.
The pool has been closed due to COVID but we were able to take advantage of this and reseal the pool deck area. Stripping and painting the pool fence is in progress to give us a fresh new look. Speaking of painting, Phase 4 trim cycle was successfully completed by Cal Paint and we will have a one year pause before continuing with Phase 1 complete paint (stucco and trim) in 2022-2023. A complete painting schedule will be provided in May 2021 including the list of homes in each phase. Several homes have migrated from their original groups due to various reasons, so contact the CCHOA Admin Office at 619-423-4353 if you have questions. 
Notices went out to owners for upcoming concrete pathway work and the northern mall has already been completed. The mid-mall (one pathway) and southern mall are in progress. The previously installed broken pieces of concrete made into walkways from the main walkway to patio gates for individual homes have become a trip hazard and are being replaced. Funds for repair/replacement of concrete sidewalks are part of the Reserves and the replacement of these walkways is a high priority. The project will utilize funds from this fiscal year and the next and remove the hazard while enhancing the look of our community. 
Landscape projects included the replacement of two aging irrigation controllers with state-of-the-art ET Water irrigation controllers for a total of four of six being replaced. The remaining two are scheduled for next fiscal year. ET Water controllers provide our landscape contractor with the ability to program the particular characteristics of the area being watered and receive doppler weather radar inputs via a cellular connection. On the operational side of the budget, we have been changing out and adding plant material in the greenways to reduce the number of guava bushes that drop fruit that attract rodents, remove smaller trees to promote growth of the remaining specimens, and provide a more consistent look throughout the particular area. Some of the plants were donated by owners and planted utilizing our regular landscaping crew, so they are still recovering. Along the waterfront, we have been adding plants that flourish in Jamaica Village to provide ground cover and consistency. Lastly, along Half Mon Bend we cleared some plants at the intersections to provide better visibility while installing additional lower plants and mulch to enhance the look. It is a continuous process but both Park West and the HOA is committed to making our landscape beautiful. 
Docks and Seawalls
Routine and preventative maintenance to the electrical distribution and lighting system was completed this year including replacing corroded components and brackets along with painting/preserving the electrical pedestals for the docks. Several pilings have been evaluated as needing repair or replacement and the HOA Maintenance Team is corresponding with contractors to determine the most effective method and cost. 
Slip renter issues have prompted a complete review of the dock rental rules and rates. Unauthorized or never approved hydrohoists along with an abandoned hydrohoist and numerous hydrohoists not receiving monthly maintenance (float and hydraulic line scraping) are issues we are addressing. Storage of kayaks and paddle boards on head walks is unauthorized unless both slip renters adjacent to the finger agree and submit an agreement in writing to the HOA via the director. This change was made as part of an overall Docks and Wharfage chapter update to the Member Handbook in 2019 and is proposed to be reversed with the next revision of the Handbook this year based on Jamaica’s unique slip rental versus permanently assigned slips situation. Additionally, comments from prospective renters concerning storage on fingers has revealed it is detrimental to renting out available slips. 
A seawall survey is planned for this year with Reserve funds and contractor selection and negotiations are in progress. Last year, we used ground penetrating radar to examine the walkway adjacent to the bulkhead for voids and filled potential voids with expanding grout. This year’s seawall survey will focus on the face of the bulkhead and the height of the berm providing stability for the bulkhead. Results of the survey will be used to plan for the future replacement of the seawall and intervening maintenance necessary to achieve the newly determined useful life. 
Projects Planned for 2021-2022
-Clubhouse: Repairs to beach planters and stairs, exit doors, exterior painting, and security cameras.
-Concrete sidewalks replacement/repairs (already mentioned)
-Dock repairs and safety equipment replacement
-Electrical pedestal replacement (two total)
-Landscape and irrigation upgrades including final two ET Water Controllers
-Dock piling repairs/replacement
-Pool heater and pump/motor repairs/replacement
-Repairs to retaining walls along boardwalk (fix cap stones) 
-Seawall maintenance based on survey results
I hope you find this update useful and will informative about what is happening in your village. Please continue to provide inputs to your Village Director or the HOA on areas for improvement or concern. Together we can keep Jamaica Village a beautiful place to live, play, and enjoy.
Henry Angelino