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Mardi Gras Newsletter - April 2021

Mardi Gras April 2021 Newsletter. Good morning or afternoon, depending on when you receive this Mardi Gras village update.

Mardi Gras Clubhouse and Pool: The Mardi Gras pool was recently closed due to limited usage and the considerable unbudgeted monitoring expense. Trinidad has been open and the unbudgeted expense has been shared by Mardi Gras and 7 other villages. Currently, Trinidad pool is open at 50% capacity or 26 persons at a time and reservations are available on the CCHOA website or you can just show up at the pool and check with the monitor to see if there is availability. This past week the usage peaked with the warmer weather and then dropped off again. The HOA continues to monitor the situation on a frequent basis. A few residents have asked about opening Mardi Gras again, however, the same monitoring is still required. Contrary to what some residents have reported, other pools in nearby communities are open but monitoring is required in those HOA pools. Other directors, with the exception of Port Royale, have reported little interest in opening their pools after their owners realized that the unbudgeted expense is an offset on their annual dues. This budget year Mardi Gras has an additional unbudgeted expense of $1 million after the Reserve specialist underreported the actual repair cost for the roofs. To date, Mardi Gras has not had a special assessment, and hopefully, without incurring other unbudgeted expenses, it will remain that way.

The general manager and directors make every effort to budget for necessary village expenses while trying not to defer maintenance. Some of the larger HOAs in the San Diego area have annual dues exceeding $1,000 a month. It is hoped that Mardi Gras will remain well under that figure without incurring a special assessment.

Painting and Plaster Repair: additional warranty painting is occurring along Tunapuna Lane. San Diego roofing is working on reroofing homes along Delaport. They are also adding new stainless trim pieces and the dormer vents are being replaced with a newer version that supposedly will not leak during heavy, rainy windstorms. In addition, maintenance is continuing to repair areas on the homes where the plaster has peeled off. They are also researching the long-term fix for this since the homes get a heavy dose of salty wet weather.

Palm Tree Skinning: Green Leaf is continuing to skin the palms by the pool and another 4 in other areas of the village as scheduled for his fiscal year. The skinning is dependent on Green Leafs available times and the available funds allocated to skinning. Starting 4 years ago, Mardi Gras started skinning the 168 fan palms that were most likely to cause structural damage at a rate of 20 a year.

Bob Rood, Mardi Gras Director, dirmardigras@cchoa.org