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CCHOA Pool Update



Although on private property and managed by the Association, the swimming pools and spas at Coronado Cays are considered public swimming pools and are subject to restrictions and guidance issued the State and County.

In March 2020, the Association was required to close all common area facilities, including the pools and spas, in order to comply with the Stay-at-Home Orders issued by government authorities in connection with COVID-19. In June 2020, the State of California and San Diego County permitted the reopening of outdoor swimming pools and spas under very specific guidance and protocols. While restrictions on other businesses and activities have loosened or adjusted as San Diego County has moved into the less restrictive tiers of the State’s larger reopening blueprint, the restrictions placed on outdoor swimming pools and spas have largely remained the same since June 2020.

The guidelines and restrictions require the association to take steps to ensure the facilities are properly cleaned and disinfected for resident use according to CDC guidelines, ensure proper social distancing is able to be maintained between different households at all times, implement reservation systems, limit the time residents use the facility to accommodate more residents while maintaining capacity restrictions, and many other measures. Specifically, the County of San Diego requires an Association, such as the Coronado Cays, to designate a person to evaluate and monitor that the protocols are being properly implemented and followed. The County’s guidance also states that an Association can decide not to re-open the pool if there is no way to adequately evaluate, implement and monitor the protocols are being properly implement and followed.

In order to follow the issued guidance and protocols and reopen any of outdoor swimming pools and spas, that would otherwise be forced to remain closed, the Association has hired a pool attendant to monitor and implement the necessary protocols. A pool monitor was an unexpected expense for the Association and so a determination was made to reopen only two of the five Association’s outdoor pools to control costs. The cost of a monitor for seven days a week, eight hours a day is approximately $1,200 per pool per week and is an unbudgeted expense. The protocols the CCHOA is employing are in line with the City of Coronado and the Coronado Shores.

After temperatures and usage numbers dropped off, the decision was made to close the Mardi Gras/Port Royale pool to reduce costs. Currently, the Trinidad/Kingston Village pool is open for reservations with a reduced capacity of 26 people at any one time (50%). The Trinidad/Kingston Village pool was chosen because it has the largest capacity and deck space, a spa, and has outdoor showers. Any resident of the Association with pool privileges is permitted to reserve a time to use the Trinidad/Kingston Village pool via the CCHOA website or by visiting the pool. Advance reservations are not required but recommended.

The Association is closely monitoring the weather and pool reservations to gauge the demand from residents. Recently, approximately 40 people use the Trinidad/Kingston Village pool on a weekday and approximately 65 people use the pool on weekend days. The 50% reduced capacity limit has yet to be exceeded and no resident has been denied a reservation time due to capacity limits.

As summer approaches, the Board is aware that the request for pool reservations may increase. The Board will continue to closely monitor the demand and may reevaluate and consider reopening additional village pools at that time. Hopefully, pool restrictions and protocols will be lifted by the State and County as the population becomes vaccinated against COVID.