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Port Royale 2021 Newsletter March



Port Royale: Winter 2021

Hello Neighbors!

What a year it has been. Yet, when I look at my village note from a year ago, it is a bit like ground hog’s day…. Not much has changed. 

My ongoing focus continues to be maintaining our village. In that regard, we’ve installed new landscape lights in the green belts, repaired bayside greenbelt fences, refurbished both trellises (wood rot), painted utility boxes, pushed CalAm to replace rusted valve enclosures, removed problematic trees, replaced the innards of our sprinkler system with a computerized water-wise cost saving system, etc., etc.
Landscaping issues are constant. The winter storms decimated some of our palms and plantings. In fact, a few areas look quite sad right now. Remember, some grasses and trees are deciduous, which means it is expected that they brown and/or lose leaves during the chilly months. We are hoping that warmer spring sun will help these areas bounce back and if they don’t, we will take corrective measures.  In the meantime, the focus is on mulching, weeding, and refreshing.

Tennis Court:
Complete refurbishment of the Port Royale / Mardi Gras tennis court is imminent. The inclement weather forced delays, but the good news is we are in the queue and CourtTech should get started in the next month.

I’m sure many of you have noticed that our pool remains closed. Covid restrictions demanded that we have a pool monitor if we wanted the pool open. During the winter months, usage dropped off significantly. That meant paying for a pool monitor did not make financial sense, particularly given that it was a non-budgeted expense. Usage of the “back up” pool in Trinidad continues to be very low. When demand kicks back up, likely when warmer weather returns, please know that we will jump on reopening our pool. Thank you for understanding.

Cays Park:
Proposed changes to the Cays Park are being put back into play by the City. I’m not sure what plan they will put in front of us, but I can tell you that youth sports and the dog run will be key components. I’m hoping they also include an amenity or two for all of the Cays residents. The process is evolving, but I believe they will be collecting comments through the city website. I will keep you as informed as possible.

Around The Neighborhood:
One positive thing that remains constant is the special community we have.  We can all foster this by being a good neighbor. Obviously picking up after your dog is neighborly. So is maintaining your homes. I’ve been contacted by a large number of residents expressing concern over peeling stucco on their home and walls (I feel your pain!). Henry’s newsletter (HOA General Manager) stressed the importance of monitoring the landscaping around your weep screed. This is the metal flashing between the bottom of your stucco and foundation. This must be kept clear to allow water to drain properly, and if it is not, the creeping moisture is a big cause of peeling stucco. As owners, we own the stucco on our homes and walls as well as the repair costs. Keeping this area clear goes a long way in helping us maintain the integrity of our stucco and helps keep repair costs to a minimum. 

My email is dirportroyale@cchoa.org , and I’m happy to hear from you directly. Additionally, check out the HOA website for updates. If you haven’t already secured a login ID and password from the HOA, I recommend that you do so. 

The next HOA Board of Directors meeting is scheduled for March 25th, 2pm over Zoom. Everyone is invited to attend.
Please stay well,

Becki Lock