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Bahama Village News

March 2021


I am sorry we haven’t been able to meet in person for a while. You can always email me with questions, and office staff said they are willing to come in on a Saturday to host a Village meeting on Zoom.


Tree Trimming: In addition to our regular landscape company, Park West, we contract with Green Leaf each year to trim the tall trees throughout the Cays (they have a license to trim trees taller than 15 feet, unlike Park West). The tree trimming in Bahama Village will begin the week of March 15th. Please watch for any No Parking signs that will be placed around the village prior to the tree trimming and move your car to allow them access.


Unfortunately, we have to remove a couple of trees: the coral tree on the right side of our entrance (next to 4 Bahama Bend); the coral tree in the parking lot next to 2 Catspaw Cape and the ficus tree between 3 and 5 Bahama Bend. We originally had three coral tress on each side of our entrance, but have had to remove them over the years, as they tend to drop their limbs, most recently a big limb from the coral tree next to 2 Catspaw Cape. And ficus trees can invade sewer pipes, so this one will be removed. We are not replacing any of these trees immediately, as it take time to make sure all the roots are removed. I would like to replace our entrance coral trees with attractive, updated landscaping that will also reduce the amount of grass, in order to reduce our village water bill.


Other Landscaping: The CCHOA has retained a landscape architect to prepare construction ready drawings for updating our back wall around the Cays entrance, and to do the same for the green space between 67 and 69 Catspaw Cape that we could use as a model for updating our other village green space areas. We will be sending out the proposed drawings for comment before they are finalized.


Budget Cycle: We are beginning our annual budget cycle for the 2021-22 budget, starting with individual Director meetings will office staff (mine is on Tuesday). In Bahama Village we paint our homes, maintain our landscaping and share the maintenance costs for our Clubhouse and pool with Antigua Village. That is the Village portion of our monthly dues. Every homeowner in the Cays also pays for an equal portion of the common area budget. I will send out a more detailed description of our upcoming budget after my meeting, but I know that on the horizon for next year is updating the poolside bathrooms at the Clubhouse, our landscaping area (mentioned above), and updating our entrance landscaping.


Port Issues: All leases with the Port of San Diego around the Bay expire in 2034. The reason this matters to us is because the Coronado Cays Yacht Club and the CCHOA lease their premises from the Port, and must renegotiate those leases before they expire in 2034. In addition, while most of our docks are in City waters (including all docks in Bahama Village), many of the docks behind homes in Green Turtle and Blue Anchor, as well as the east-facing docks in Kingston and Antigua Villages, are in Port waters and also need to be renewed. While COVID had significantly slowed down the process, the CCHOA has formed a Port Lease Renewal Committee, which will be working to renew all our leases in a timely manner. The Port is also in the process of renewing its Master Plan and has designated North Grand Caribe Isle to become Recreation/Open Space when that lease expires in 2034. The Cays, with support from the City, has worked hard over several decades to ensure that this land remains open space and is not commercially developed. We look forward to finally having this issue settled.


HOA Accounting: The CCHOA is now using Walters Management, Inc. as outside provider for our basic accounting needs. If you are having any problems setting up a new account, please call the HOA office and they will be glad to help. Going to an outside provider improves the quality and speed of our accounting product. Our prior accounting system program was so old it was not going to be supported any longer, and we would have had to purchase new software and computers.  We will now have access to the latest information regarding HOA accounting requirements and laws and we will now be in line with virtually all other community associations in the state, all of which use outside firms.


 Kim Tolles