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Well, that was a heck of a year. I hope everyone is doing well. It’s been several months since my last newsletter so I thought it time to give everyone a quick update.

1.     DRAIN PIPE LINING PROJECT. We are currently working on our last two units. They are scheduled to be completed in March. It’s been a long project, interrupted by a pandemic, but we're crossing the finish line. I think we will finish slightly over our original budget. That amount will be covered by our existing reserves. Completing this project has made a major difference in the number of calls for plumbing repairs as well as repairs to interiors.

2.     FRONT DOOR LANDINGS & STAIRS. We only have a handful of front landings to complete. We hope to get these scheduled in late March or April. Next, we will need to deal with those who have installed tiles, but they are very few.

3.     GARAGE POWER. We have engaged the services of an electrical architect who has provided plans and specifications for this project. In review, we have made several changes and are waiting for our final plans. Once received, we will get bids for underground work as well as the install of the wiring. The electrical engineers will be handling the City permit as well as working with SDG&E. We currently have monies reserved to complete this project.

4.     DOCKS. We continue to improve the docks in our Village. We are close to completing the bumper/edging replacement. We are also working to “level” several dock fingers. Once these docks or fingers begin to tilt or “roll” as it’s called, you need to address it. If not, the constant pressure over time will cause it to break away. Addressing it early will add years of life and use to these components.

5.     CHIMNEY CAPS. We have completed replacing about 60% of the chimney caps. In previous years we would replace a handful of caps per year. We used to replace it with sheet metal caps that only lasted 5 to 10 years. We were able to find a new supplier who is making the caps out of stainless steel and then painting them with epoxy. These should last 20 years plus, and prevent leaks into upstairs units.

6.     REMODELS. As many of you have seen, we have several remodels going on in our Village. While these are a great sign of improvement in Antigua, they also cause a great deal of disruption to surrounding neighbors. With 7 projects going on simultaneously, that adds a lot of contractor’s employees parking in the Village. Plus, when they show up at 6:30 and begin getting tools, supplies, talking on cell phones, etc. from their trucks, that awakens neighbors whose bedrooms are on the street side. Jack hammering, nail guns, tile saws, concrete trucks all make a lot of noise and vibration in surrounding units. Most residents want to be supportive, but please, if you’re doing a remodel or upgrade, be sure to be, and stay involved, so as to move the project along. The HOA is now getting far more involved and setting hard deadlines, in an effort to minimize disruption to surrounding residents. This is one of the tougher issues I deal with as we want to accommodate all sides. Just understand, having a remodeled unit with at least 3 neighbors who are not happy, doesn’t make for a great neighborhood.

7.     BUDGET. We have started our annual budget process. I have added significant information to our reserve study and we have updated many of the items. As you might imagine, this is a very complicated document and subject interpretations and revisions. Antigua’s is very comprehensive and detailed. Once updated with this year’s numbers I will share with the entire Village.  I have spent a considerable amount of time in the other Villages helping get those studies improved. We continue to stay on budget and I would anticipate no significant changes for next year's numbersat this point.

8.     SEAWALLS. This is a big and boring subject as far as our reserves. It’s an item that was addressed and in our reserve study years ago, and then removed. I reinstalled it several years ago to just acquire some funds, in the event, some part of the wall failed. As with everything CCHOA, it turns out there is a lot of old and even some new info about these walls. We, Henry and his staff along with me are looking at all of this. We are also scheduled to have our seawall inspection. (done every 5 years) This involves visual inspections, divers inspecting, testing and sand loss surveys. I mention this, as it turns out, not to be so boring, but something we definitely need to address. All of the experts see the walls lasting another 20 plus years, but they are 50 years old now and we need to begin making a plan for the future.

Looking forward to a really great and hopefully more normal summer. Stay safe.