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Mardi Gras 2021 January Newsletter


Dear Mardi Gras residents and homeowner’s, this is a brief email regarding current happenings in your Village. I hope all of you are remaining vigilant during this difficult period of time with Covid.



Certa Pro has agreed to come back to Mardi Gras and redo some of the garage doors along Tunapuna Lane that were recently painted where the rust was beginning to show through the new paint. They agreed to sand the area and prime with a rust preventative type paint and then paint the garage.



Park West is continuing to do the regular mowing and trimming every two weeks in the winter and the leaf pick up. Maintaining the grounds has been equally stressful for the grounds folks during this pandemic. They are in the process of trimming the various hedges, trees and other vegetation that needs looking after. In many areas the grass has a winter type look which is not always as pleasant as the spring and summer in looks. In addition, the palms along Mardi Gras Court were recently skinned. A few additional palms will be skinned by the pool March 4 and 5. Funds are still available to finish the pool palms and a couple of other areas where the palm frond ends are falling. An additional 20 will be skinned after next July 1, 2021. Mardi Gras has installed 8 new ET water controllers in an effort to facilitate a better watering schedule and save watering when it is not needed. 



As many of you know, three of the CCHOA pools were closed due to the extreme expense and monitoring during the pandemic. Mardi Gras and Trinidad remained open with cleaning and monitoring. This past week the Mardi Gras pool was closed due to very limited use(6 folks per day has been the average). Mardi Gras residents are able to use the Trinidad pool which is very close to this village. So far usage has been limited at the Trinidad pool which has been averaging 29 folks per day. There is a limit of 18 in the pool at one time. This limit has only been met one time. Cleaning and monitoring will be maintained at the Trinidad pool. You are able to download the permit form and make reservations online. If you choose not to download the online forms the monitor does have forms at the pool. You are able to go by the pool and make reservations and use the pool if the limited number of swimmers has not been reached. Only single family groups are able to use the hot tub. Hopefully the time in the hot tub can be limited if multiple groups would like to use it.



Mardi Gras has a reserve account that is designed to anticipate the near term expenses and future expenses for maintenance items that last longer than a year. Major Mardi Gras expenses include repairs for roofs, painting the exterior of all the homes, the roads in Tunapuna, South Cays, Mardi Gras Court and all of Delaport. During this years' budget preparation the maintenance department and the general manager are looking at all roofs in Mardi Gras. In 4 years all roofs are scheduled to have the tile removed and the underlayment replaced. Mardi Gras has been budgeting $768,000 for this expense in accordance with the replacement figures from the reserve specialist. It now appears that the replacement may exceed $1.5 million. Maintenance was in the process of replacing roof trim along Delaport as some homes had major rust developing on the trim. Since the cost to replace the trim was half the cost to do the underlayment a decision was made to start the underlayment replacement this spring since that repair includes trim replacement. The trim pieces are being replaced with stainless. The tile removal and underlayment replacement will occur in 3 phases over the next three years. By doing the 3 phases it is hoped that this will avoid any special assessments for this rather significant expense. The roofs will have a new 35 year life.



The CCHOA has hired Walters Management to handle all of the accounting functions. That is why you should be receiving regular invoices regarding your annual dues to the CCHOA. If you have any questions, please call the office.



I hope that all of our Mardi Gras residents have a safe and productive 2021. Coronado is a terrific city and Mardi Gras is a great village to live in and/or own a home. If you have questions, concerns, comments please let me know. If you are only receiving this notice by US Mail, please let the office know about your email so that you will have better access to information and add the CCHOA to your address book.

Thank you, Bob Rood, Mardi Gras Director, dirmardigras@cchoa.org.