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General Manager's Newsletter- DEC 2020



Dear Cays Homeowners and Residents,

Happy Holidays! 2020 is nearing its end and I think we are all ready for a New Year. However you celebrate the holidays, this year will be different as we continue in the COVID-19 Purple Tier and see restaurants shutting down once again despite efforts to the contrary. Families and friends are isolating instead of coming together to celebrate and share good tidings. Hope blooms eternal though and the first phase of vaccinations are underway with more to follow. Precautions must continue to be followed to prevent the spread of coronavirus and keep loved ones safe, but an end is in sight. 2021 should be an interesting year indeed!

The transition of accounting services to Walters Management is complete. Walters is handling deposits, printing checks to pay invoices, and generating the HOA’s monthly financials. We continue to coordinate closely with Bill Beasley, Walters Management Senior VP, to find ways to streamline our accounting processes and prepare for the 2021-2022 budget. Two areas that need further attention are getting a small number of owners that have not transitioned to the HOA’s new banking partner, CIT Bank, signed up for automatic payments and encouraging owners to receive their monthly statements electronically. Based on a previous campaign to get owners to opt-in for electronic delivery of HOA documents, we have approximately 30% of all owners receiving their monthly account statements electronically. The expense of paper statements is roughly $1200 per month, so electronic statements will help reduce costs while providing increased transparency. If you need assistance with setting up autopay or would like to opt-in for electronic delivery of documents, please send an email to memberservices@cchoa.org or accountservices@waltersmanagement.com.

Speaking of the 2021-2022 budget, the process has already started with initial coordination meetings between HOA management and our Reserve Study contractor, Barrera/Smart Property. CCHOA President Dennis Thompson and I have requested an initial draft of the Reserve Study to be delivered in early January 2021 and we are looking forward to continuing the effort that began last year with the Level 2 Reserve Study. A Level 2 study is conducted every three years and consists of an onsite visit by outside consultants to personally view Reserve components and their material condition. This year’s study is a Level 3 Reserve Study which means the HOA Staff and Village Directors will analyze components and forward their findings to the contractor who will then evaluate our comments and make changes to the Reserve Study document. The budget will enter the final stage of review in March in preparation for the Board’s approval in April and distribution to the Association in May. For the curious, a Level 1 study is done for new communities and includes counting and measuring capital assets to create an initial Reserve budget database.

Major updates in the Reserve Study come from the status of 2020-2021 projects of which several are now finished. The exterior renovation of Kingston Village is complete with the exception of a small number of discrepancies that are being corrected. Demobilization is complete and parking spaces have been returned to the residents after a year plus long project. The finishing touches on the Kingston dock project were made recently and debris located near the docks was removed. Unfortunately, a section of fencing along the Grand Caribe Causeway was damaged during the debris removal and will require replacement. The Antigua Village pipelining project continues at a slow pace with just a few units remaining. COVID has delayed this project since relining involves entry into the unit over a three-week period. The complete painting of 36 homes in Port Royale was finished last week and demobilization is complete. Painting projects continue in Jamaica, Bahama, and Mardi Gras Villages. The resealing and resurfacing of the concrete parking structure and tennis courts in Montego Village has been delayed pending testing of the structure’s concrete and repairs to cables embedded in the slab. A contractor is being hired to obtain core samples and conduct the testing. Results of the testing will be analyzed by a structural engineer and a path forward determined. Stucco repair and painting projects continue throughout the Cays including Jamaica, Bahama, Mardi Gras, Kingston, Blue Anchor, and Common areas. Upcoming projects starting at the beginning of January include the renovation of the Mardi Gras/Port Royale tennis court and the re-roofing of the Trinidad/Kingston clubhouse.

The installation of new ET Water irrigation controllers continues throughout the Cays with the delivery of the last portion of this fiscal year’s controllers. Our first rebate was received from CalAm and has been allocated to the applicable villages to help offset the cost of the cellular subscription /warranty that accompanies the installation. A second rebate submission is in progress. Winter trimming of bushes and trees and fertilizing the turf areas has been a major focus for landscaping over the last month, while mulching continues as needed. Landscaping projects were completed in Mardi Gras, Jamaica, Port Royale, and Kingston Villages. Additional projects are planned for Kingston Village as part of the renovation recovery.

Good Neighbor Tip: Our cul-de-sac has an unwritten rule that if you need additional space for waste, you can always check your neighbor’s bins to see if there is room to spare. This can be a concern especially over the holidays when boxes and wrapping paper abound. Getting to know your neighbors and offering a helping hand makes living in the Cays just a bit more special.

The CCHOA Staff wishes all the Cays owners and residents a safe and happy holiday season and a prosperous New Year!

Stay safe and stay healthy,

Henry Angelino
CCHOA General Manager