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Mardi Gras 2020 June Newsletter


Good afternoon Mardi Gras residents and homeowners. I hope everyone is staying healthy through these “trying” times. This is an update on happenings in your village.


The basic repairs to the flat roofs and balconies have been completed. On Delaport there remain some drip edge work that still needs to be completed as well as some stucco work. As maintenance can get the materials and employee availability the work will resume. Maintenance is continuing to look at chimney caps that have serious rust problems.


At the present time, the Mardi Gras/Port Royale tennis court and pool is open. Reservations must be made by phone with the HOA. Swimming times can be checked on the actual day of desired swimming to see if there are available times slots open. The CCHOA hopes to have on line registration available beginning Tuesday, June 30, but if all else fails you can go by the pool on the day of swimming from 8-9am for at risk folks, 9-12 and 1-5pm for all others. The CCHOA continues to follow the San Diego County Health Orders, so patience is requested. Please remember this whole scheduling and usage is a thing in motion.

The clubhouse is not available for reservations at this time. The kitchen and restrooms have been completely remodeled with some new furniture and I believe the overall look is exceptional.


The City has placed the Cays Park Master Plan project on hold for now. As you know there were significant changes planned for the soccer field, parking and the overall esthetics of the Park. The CCHOA has been assured that residents of the Cays will be notified when additional meetings are planned to gather CCHOA feedback-hopefully.


The general manager continues to survey the grounds in Mardi Gras and monitor Park West. You are always welcome to send me an email regarding areas of concern or ideas for improving the grounds.


The Queen palms in Mardi Gras will be trimmed August 10th thru Aug.12th. The Fan palms will be trimmed the first week of September. It is highly recommended that you move your vehicles if you routinely park under the palms on these dates. In addition, the Mardi Gras budget allows the skinning of 20 additional palms beginning sometime after July 1. These will be done as the skinning team has spots between July to September. The skinning will be starting around the pool area first. Most of the palms that presented a danger to skylights due to falling remnants have been previously skinned. If you would like the palms trimmed in your yard you are welcome to call the office to see if they can add you to the schedule and what the price will be.


Water will be shutoff on July 13 from 8am until 5pm along Tunapuna and South Cays and a few homes in Port Royale. This is necessary to change leaking valves and cleaning the fire hydrants.


A quick reminder that the speed limit in the bay east of Tunapuna is 5 mph. If you see boats or wave runners traveling in excess of 5 mph it helps to notify the Harbor Patrol at 619-686-6272. Waves along the Mardi Gras seawall are detrimental due to erosion. Areas where the sand level is more than 4 feet below the seawall can facilitate movement of the seawall in a detrimental way.


The CCHOA Board has approved laddered investments out to 2025 with no more than 40% of the reserve funds invested out to 2025. The CCHOA invests in CDs, AAA Bonds, Government Instruments, T-Bills and Treasury Notes. All villages must be at a 50% funding level by 2023/2024. Mardi Gras had $1,483,606.57 in reserves on May 31, 2020 and currently meets the 50% funding level.


If at any time you have concerns about the Cays or the maintenance of your home please let the CCHOA office know-619-423-4353. If you have continuing problems, ideas or concerns please let me know.

Thank you,
Bob Rood, Mardi Gras Director