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Antigua Newsletter-June 2020


Hope everyone is doing well. Nice to be into the summer months and things showing signs of “opening up.” Welcome back to all our Arizona and other states residents. Always a great time to be in Antigua and Coronado. Just a quick update on some of the items we are working on.

1.    PIPE LINING PROJECT. We have been able to schedule a few units over the past month. Others have called and are scheduling for July. We are down to only 20 some units remaining to complete this project. If you have not had this done yet, we’d love to hear from you. We will soon be contacting owners and trying to get this project wrapped up. Further, as I’ve said numerous times, as owners, we need to maintain those plumbing components within our units. We continue to have leaks coming from toilet supply lines, wax rings, water heaters, and shower pans. It’s far easier and less expensive to have these items checked and repaired by a plumber than to deal with the aftermath of a leak.

2.    LANDINGS & GARAGE POWER. Both of these projects continue, only at a reduced rate due to the COVID-19. It’s just harder to get appointments, walkthroughs, bids, and the work done. However, we will get both completed.

3.    DOCKS. Many of you have seen the replacement molding and new corners installed. We have purchased all of the materials required and will be working to finish all the docks in our Village soon. We are also looking to clean up any old dingy docks, paddle board floats, bait holders, you name it, that have been attached to these docks. A walk around Antigua docks will show you some crazy attachments that have been added over the years. We're here to help if you need it. I have several residents who have told me a dingy dock was just left by a former owner. Really just trying to get these areas improved. Our new compliance person, Renee is doing good work in this area and others. She is very thorough. Sorting through some of these things and records is difficult, however she and Henry are making great progress. Please let them or me know if you need assistance with any unwanted docks/dock attachments.

4.    LANDSCAPE. As most of you have seen, we removed old (40 plus years) oleanders along the south wall and replaced them with new trees. We have cleaned and replaced the bark from unit 1 to unit 40. They will complete the entire Village this week or next. The landscapers have replaced some 50 plants and we will continue to install more if required. We have three irrigation controllers in Antigua. We have been able to order the new replacements this year. As I spoke about in my last newsletter, these new controllers are state of the art. They should maintain the quality of our plant material and reduce our water usage.

5.    TREE TRIMMING. We are having the tree trimming company return and remove the seed pods that have grown in our palm trees. You see all the flowers on the road, and shortly we would have all the seed pods bouncing around if this is not done.  They are going to start Monday the 22nd at the south side, because of trash day. Tuesday and Wednesday will be along Antigua Blvd. They will be trimming the seed pods, not leaf’s, along the road. This should go quickly as they will be working in buckets and not climbing the trees. We just need everyone to help by moving cars out of the way. When they finish, you can quickly return your car. They will be posting signs as usual.

6.    GENERAL (?) We will be painting all of the cable, telephone, transformer, etc. in the landscape areas the same green color. Currently they are all different, and a constant color helps them blend in. A lot of good things going on with the overall management of the Cays. I have been spending time on a number of these projects. This is a very complex community, with a lot of national, state and local government agencies involved. Plus, a number of committees, task forces, local groups etc. involved. Much less a pandemic to navigate through. No disrespect to any of the other Board members or our management, but sitting through a two- or three-hour Homeowners meeting on Zoom test my very limited, almost childish patience. But we're getting it done.

A lot of good things happening in Antigua and more next year. (July 1)

Still the best Village in the Cays!