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Coronado Cays Living -May Issue

Stay at home order, social distancing, Stafford Act, COVID-19, the curve and flattening the curve. We have learned a new vocabulary almost overnight and have watched the world go crazy with non-stop news of the coronavirus outbreak turned pandemic. Uncertainty abounds with more and more restrictions as society grapples to prevent the potential spread and individuals struggle to comprehend the mad rush to stock up on supplies and the unknown timeframe of the crisis. Empty shelves and no toilet paper, paper towels, cleaning supplies, soap, meat, etc. people being laid off, businesses closing, restaurants struggling to stay open, hotels shutting down, vacations and travel canceled. When will this end and is that tickle in my throat the first sign of infection or just a passing feeling? When will it end and life return to normal? Will there be a new normal? When will we be past the peak of the curve?
The Cays is our sanctuary and paradise tucked away on the southern part of the Bay and across from a fabulous beach. A bit of calm away from the rest of San Diego and the craziness of the Village during the summer months. Still we are not immune from the threat nor its consequences. The HOA has taken precautions to protect their owners, residents, staff, and contractors while ensuring essential services continue to be provided and communications continue to flow. We adapt to new circumstances and learn new skills and I am proud to say I am your General Manager as well as a fellow owner/resident. I am proud to see neighbors helping each other in this time of uncertainty. A network of volunteers reaching out to others to offer a helping hand or provide their contact information in case a need arises. Residents complying with the social distancing guidelines, while walking their dogs or getting exercise. A renewed sense of family and what is most important as we spend more time with our loved ones while staying healthy together. Supporting local businesses and sharing supplies with those in need. There is always a silver lining, you just need to look for it or even better, be part of it. Be more observant and considerate of others. Slow down and focus on what is really important in life and the wonder that surrounds us. Help a stranger or even just say hello instead of looking the other way. Random acts of kindness.
As I write this article at the end of March, uncertainty abounds as we wait to see when the crisis will peak, and the curve will flatten. A government bailout and the stock market going crazy fill the news along with the latest on a world in crisis and humanity’s struggle to contain the spread while scientists search for a medical solution. Turn off the news (for most of the day) and focus on what you can control. Focus on how you can make the potentially all-consuming situation we are faced with a little less stressful. Focus on taking care of yourself, your loved ones, your neighbors, and others that are in need. Working together we will survive and thrive. Turn uncertainty into certain success.