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1. PIPE LINING. As you might expect, this project has been temporally suspended. We do still have some units that are available to line. However, due to the social distancing and other measures many residents would prefer to wait. Understandable. However, if you’re not going to be in Antigua over the next few months, or you don’t mind the construction work, we’d love to talk and get you scheduled. SPT is still working and taking all the PPE precautions. I believe we only have 20 some units left to complete.

2. RESERVE STUDY. We have completed our 2020/2021 budgets and reserve studies. Hands down the best I’ve ever seen this done. Not only Antigua, but all the Villages in the Cays, received a thorough, far more accurate, professional review of costs and lifespans, in all the studies. These are truly “living” documents, which need to be updated throughout the year. If that is done consistently, these are great tools for a director and especially our manager and his staff to keep things improving. On a separate note, our manager Henry was fantastic. Anyone who knows me, knows I enjoy, let’s say, a vigorous debate. And I got that and more with Henry. Except he uses knowledge, facts and experts and he stays way too calm. It was fun and challenging for me, but also great for all the residents of the Cays. We are making great progress with Henry at the helm. The results for Antigua showed we could lower the dues by approximately $50.00 a month, per unit. I am extremely comfortable with this number, and can assure everyone we will meet our reserve funding levels and you will see an improvement in maintenance and upgrading throughout Antigua.

3. FRONT LANDINGS AND STAIRS. We have begun resurfacing these areas again. Winter weather makes this process slow and as these are epoxy products, they need warmer weather.

4. GARAGE POWER. Still working on this. Currently looking to get a plan and calculations we need to go to SDG&E with and receive approval. I have set aside funds already in the reserves to cover this. The virus is slowing our progress, but we will continue on.

5. DOCKS. As I’m sure you know, docks represent about 31% of our assets, roofing and siding are 36%, and all the rest is 33%. I think that adds up to 100%? To that end we need to improve our dock maintenance. These efforts will help improve the useful life of this asset. We will begin replacing the rubber edging on the docks as well as removing old boards, hooks and whatever else has been left on the docks. During the dock inspection/maintenance, we will be securing and tightening up the whaler boards (the big boards on the outside) and checking all rollers.

6. LANDSCAPE. Henry and I continue to walk the grounds monthly with the contractor. We have instructed Park West to trim back all of the walkway plantings, so they have time to recover before we get into summer. They will also be replacing numerous plants that have failed over the last year. We are looking at a couple of improvement projects depending on funds prior to the fiscal year end. We are also looking at irrigation improvements. While water isn’t front and center right now, we know, living in southern California it will be again. Our intent is to reduce our water usage and still preserve our landscape quality.

7. ROOFS. In our last big storm, we had two leaks. One was at my house. Whoopi. And I’m downstairs. We have traced the leaks not to the roof, but to the siding transition. This is where our new siding meets the stucco. We have water tested and flooded roofs with JWC and confirmed this finding. It seems to be an easy and permanent fix. We are working with Jon Wayne Construction to get this resolved. It most likely will involve sealing this area on every upstairs unit, above the patio. Doesn’t take long and is not messy.