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Dear Homeowners,

A friendly reminder that the San Diego County public health order is still in effect
until April 30, 2020 although the situation is changing rapidly. The City of
Coronado is following this order. With the improved weather and ongoing “Stay
at Home” restrictions, questions and violations are on the rise. Highlights of
the order are:


All water recreational activities areprohibited on and in public waterways and
at the beaches. This includes the waterways in the Cays, which are owned by the
City, the water to the east of the Cays and surrounding Grand Caribe Island, which
is controlled by the Port District, and the rest of the bay and ocean.
Recreational activities include, but are not limited to, paddle boarding,
kayaking, swimming, boating, etc. The state and local beaches are all still closed.

along Coronado Cays Boulevard near the Coronado Cays Park and North Cays Park
and on Grand Caribe near Shoreline Park (Port owns this park and it is closed)
is prohibited. Coronado has increased police patrols and are actively enforcing
the “No Parking” restrictions. This precaution is meant to limit the use of the
City of Coronado parks to residents within walking distance. Please remember
to exercise social distancing and the wearing of facial coverings at the
park and whenever you leave your home. 


Gatheringsof any size are prohibited unless the
group lives in the same household.

A meeting was held today with the new General
Manager of Loews Coronado Bay Resort, Tony Phillips, regarding our Annual
Meeting and the topic of access to the Loews was discussed. Due to security and
safety concerns of the marina residents living at Loews, the resort has been
closed to outside traffic. Mr. Phillips graciously agreed to allow access to
the causeway portion of the property for exercise purposes such as walking and
running.  His neighborly gesture will help give his marina tenants and
employees a sense of security, while allowing Cays residents a chance to get
outside and enjoy the views.  In full transparency, he informed me that
the Coronado Police Department is assisting his security staff. Unfortunately,
he reported that some visitors came to his private residence and screamed at
his wife. I apologized and explained that I was embarrassed as a Cays resident
for the way his family was welcomed to Coronado. Note: The Lowes Coronado Bay
Resort lease with the Port Distract does not included public access rights.

The revised order also expands the requirement
for employees of certain businesses to wear face coverings. All employees who
may have contact with the public, in any restaurant or other essential business
that serves food, grocery store, pharmacy/drug store, convenience store or gas
station shall wear a cloth face covering. This requirement also applies to banks,
public transportation, and childcare providers.

Imperial Beach residents will be required to
wear face coverings in public starting today, April 24, 2020. According to the
Imperial Beach Director of Emergency Services, community members must wear a
facial mask or covering when going out in public for essential businesses like
grocery stores and gas stations. Masks or coverings are also required when
visiting any Imperial Beach parks.

Beginning May 1, 2020, the requirement to wear a
face covering in public whenever you are within six feet of a non-household
member will be mandatory for all of San Diego County, health officials
announced today. This will be part of the plan to re-open San Diego County will
minimizing the potential for spreading the virus.

CCHOA Maintenance personnel
continue to restrict their access to homes to emergencies only to minimize the
potential risk of spreading the virus.

Stay safe and remain calm,



CCHOA Management