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Standing Up for Coronado



Happy Labor Day Weekend Everyone!

I hope you all are enjoying time with friends and family as we
wrap up the 2019 summer season.

While we bid summer a farewell and welcome the start of the
school year, there is much to cover in this newsletter. There is an
encouraging update on the Port Master Plan and potential for a new hotel at
the Ferry Landing, the schedule for upcoming public town hall meetings, and
relinquishment of Orange Avenue; but first, we need to discuss housing.


Housing Needs Assessment (“RHNA”)

There is no bigger challenge to the future of Coronado than
the state of California’s new housing policies which could require Coronado
to up-zone areas of Coronado to accommodate up to 1,500 new housing units
over the next eight years.  

On Friday, September 6, the SANDAG Board of Directors will
vote on the number of additional housing units each jurisdiction in San Diego
County must accommodate.  The number of housing units preliminary
allocated to Coronado is just north of 1,000 units, but could end up
somewhere between 500-1,500 units. If this passes, it will fundamentally
change our community forever.

Coronado has always been willing to do our part to address our
region’s need for more housing. However, we have already done more than our
fair share based on our current zoning. In fact, we are already one of the
most densely-populated cities in San Diego County. Coronado should not be
forced to build even more housing before other cities are as densely
populated as Coronado.

The methodology SANDAG is using to arrive at our 1,000
additional housing units is flawed and a perfect example of why
one-size-fits-all approaches do not work.

The City Council is doing everything we can to work with other
board members to change the housing formula, but we need your help as well.

Please go to this link and sign an online petition encouraging the methodology be
changed. Please share with your Coronado friends.

Several residents have inquired whether Coronado can simply
refuse to allow for more housing.  In addition to withholding tax
dollars, the state of California has created a process to allow for
developers to go straight to the state for building permits and circumvent
local government authority for any city that does not have a compliant
general plan.  In short, the City could say “no” but the state of California
will then say “yes.”

I will be bringing all of the petitions to the next SANDAG
meeting when this item will be heard. The comment period closes on Sept 6th,
so please get those petitions in quickly! So far, we have received 1,300


invited to a neighborhood meeting!

I am conducting neighborhood meetings during the month of
September throughout Coronado.  Each meeting will include a 30-minute
update on the City’s finances and recent initiatives; including the state’s
proposed increase in housing units and the Port Master Plan Update. The
presentation will be followed by a question and answer session for
approximately 30-minutes.

The neighborhood meetings will take place at 6 p.m. at the
following locations and dates:

  • Sept 4, Coronado Cays HOA
  • Sept 5, Coronado Shores Club
  • Sept 10, Be Polished 1132 1st
  • Sept 12, 836 H Ave
  • Sept 16, 235 F Ave
  • Sept 18, Winn Room at
    Coronado Library
  • Sept 19, Coronado Baptist
    Church 111 Orange Ave
  • Sept 25, Bahama Village Clubhouse
  • Sept 26, 432 Glorietta Blvd
  • Sept 30, 854 I Ave

With the exception of the Sept 18 meeting at the Winn Room in
the Coronado Library, all other neighborhood meetings require RSVP due to
limited space.

Please RSVP to richard@richardbailey.com with name of attendees and the neighborhood meeting you would like to attend.


Master Plan Update

There has been much concern regarding the potential hotel
development at the Ferry Landing.  Good news! While no official decision
has been made, after several meetings with Port commissioners and Port staff,
I am increasingly confident the Port is hearing us and will make the
appropriate decision to not allow for hotel construction at the Ferry
Landing.  We will need to stay vigilant on this issue and, in several
months, we will need to show up in force to a Port meeting to communicate our
position again. 


of State Highways 75 and 282

For years, we have talked about the potential of gaining local
control over the two highways that run through our town -SR 75 and SR 282;
better known as Orange Avenue, Third Street and Fourth Street.  We are finally
done talking and we are actually moving to the negotiating table. 
Personally, the question for me has always been a simple cost-benefit
analysis. How much can the City do to improve the safety and appearance of
the two highways if they were under our control and, at what cost? These
questions are now being answered. 

This will be another big decision for our community, but we
are finally receiving the information we need to make a sound decision one
way or the other.  You can read more about this issue in our upcoming
City Council agenda here on page 281 (note: the agenda is a large file and takes a little while to
come up on your screen).

As always, please contact me with any questions.  It is
an honor to represent Coronado and serve you.


Richard Bailey