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Coronado Cays Living Magazine - October Issue


Happy Halloween! I always enjoy this holiday with so many families and kids visiting our Cays community and homes for such a fun event. It is a time to say hello to neighbors and visitors to the Cays and reflect on how fortunate we are to live in such a safe and friendly place. Our cul de sac likes to have a driveway party and bring all the neighbors together while setting out buckets of candy on tables to represent the individual homes. One stop shopping for trick-or-treaters as they get to select goodies from each bucket instead of having to go to individual homes. A nice tradition that has changed over the years as the neighborhood children have grown up and others have moved in, but always a fun night.

September was big month for the Cays as we celebrated 50 years as a community. A big thank you to the City of Coronado for hosting and co-sponsoring the event and to those involved with the planning and execution including Kelly Purvis and Janine Zuniga; the volunteers from the Cays that planned and participated in the event including Lance Rodgers, Daron Case, Sue Shirey, Midlife Crisis, Mike Palumbo, Side Traxx, Julie Taylor-Ducharme, and Julie’s Party People. Also, Mike Peppard for his creativity with the 50th logo and memorabilia designs, the vendors that provided food, beverages, and crafts for purchase, and to all the sponsors/underwriters without whose donations, the event would not have been such a huge success. THANK YOU!  

September was also the planned start date for the major renovation in Kingston Village. At the beginning of September, Kingston flat roof sealing was completed on two of seven buildings and a third was in progress while Jon Wayne Construction prepared to start wood and stairway replacement with Building 1 on September 30th. In other villages, the Antigua pipe relining project was in full swing with 16 units completed and two crews working two-unit stacks simultaneously. The HOA is working with the contractor to bring on a third crew as the project is expected to continue into the 2020-2021 fiscal year. In Jamaica and Mardi Gras, painting contracts were being awarded and landscaping renovation plans for Montego Village and a section of Bahama Village were being finalized.

Good neighbor tips: Home renovations. Please keep your neighbors in mind and minimize disruption due to work vehicles and noise. Member Handbook, Section 9.9 states that all construction sites in the Coronado Cays must be kept neat and orderly at all times, contractors shall make every effort to ensure workers’ vehicles are parked in such a manner as to not block streets and driveways, and it shall be unlawful for any person, between the hours of 7:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. of any day or at any time on legal holidays and Sundays to erect, construct, demolish, excavate for, alter or repair any building or structure in such a manner as to create a disturbing, excessive or offensive noise. Also, instruct your contractor to not dump anything on the lawns or in the nearby bushes. Several instances have occurred where sections of turf have been killed and trees/bushes damaged due to chemicals being dumped. Commercial signs: Commercial signs are not allowed to be displayed outside homes in the Cays per Section 3.13.1 of the Member Handbook. Grocery Co-Op signs have been sprouting up around the various villages and should be removed.