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General Manager's Newsletter - July 2019


July 2019 - Newsletter
Summer is in full swing and if you want to avoid the traffic and the worry of finding parking in the Village, stop by the HOA office and pick up some MTS bus passes. Coronado City Council issued an initial 300 summer passes good for one-day use on MTS and has promised more. We issued over 100 passes in the first week starting with the Memorial Day weekend and are seeing a great response. I do ask that you keep your request for passes reasonable, so we have plenty of passes available for other residents. Reminder that the HOA office is open Monday-Friday from 8am to 5pm. A free July 4th shuttle will be running from 8am to 11pm with pick-ups across from the Cays fire station and drop-offs at the community center across from the Shores. The Village free summer shuttle will run from the community center all the way to the Landing. There will be no need to use a MTS pass with the July 4th shuttle.  

As we celebrate our great nation’s birthday, the Homeowners Association is wrapping up the 2018-2019 fiscal year. We have made significant progress in the last few months planning major projects for 2019-2020. Contracts are in place for the major external renovation project in Kingston Village and the epoxy lining of drainage piping in Antigua Village. The Staff is working with contractors to coordinate the projects with residents and generate a sequencing plan. Both projects are expected to take a year to complete and will be paid for by their respective village owners. Other projects planned for next fiscal year include kitchen and restroom renovations to the Port Royale/Mardi Gras clubhouse, a renovation of the Bahama/Antigua clubhouse, resurfacing and replacing the fencing for the tennis courts in Montego along with resurfacing their pool and spa, renovations to the Association complex restrooms, and landscape and irrigation upgrades throughout the Cays. A complete listing of projects budgeted in the Reserve accounts for your village and the common areas was provided in the annual budget packet. 

Questions and concerns about landscaping? Issues with broken or mis-directed sprinklers? Please contact Chuck Henning, HOA Landscape Liaison, at landscape@cchoa.org or 619-423-4353 Extension 3. Chuck and I are working with our landscaper, Park West, to ensure the Cays’ turf and planted areas have a well-groomed and cared for appearance. Recent feedback from the village directors indicates we are doing well in some villages but still have more work to do in others to achieve the standard we expect. In my daily walks around the Cays and during official monthly walks with Park West, I am seeing great progress in the common areas but the need for more attention to individual homefronts. This will be a focus in the months ahead. 

As I mentioned in my previous newsletter, we are taking a renewed approach to communicating with the members of the HOA. One part of that effort is an email consent campaign. State law directs the use of first-class mail as the official method for delivering documents to individual homeowners unless the homeowner consents to electronic delivery. The HOA has sent out email consent forms in the mail and to available homeowner email addresses to get you signed up. Additionally, email consent forms are available at the CCHOA Office and will also be provided at the upcoming Annual Meeting. First-class mail will still be available for those homeowners that do not opt in for email/electronic delivery. Please contact the HOA office if you have questions or need assistance opting in for electronic delivery. 

Our Annual Meeting scheduled for August 23rd is quickly approaching as we prepare to elect/re-elect directors for Montego, Kingston, Mardi Gras, Port Royale, and Blue Anchor Cay Villages per our Bylaws. The Board approved Lynda Pippenger as the Inspector of Elections for 2019. She and her team will be conducting the election with the support of the HOA Staff. Ballots are due no later than August 22, 2019 at 5pm and will be counted at the Annual Meeting.  Our “neighbor,” Loews Coronado Bay Resort, will be hosting the meeting which will start at 4pm with registration and 4:30pm with the official agenda. I am looking forward to an informative and fun evening complete with a delicious dinner and hosted bar, so mark your calendars and attend.