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Antigua Village Director Newsletter - October 2018


Antigua Owners: 

I hope everyone had a great summer. It is certainly nice to have the construction over and not having the extra people and noise around our houses. I have attached a list of the projects we have completed to date at the end of this newsletter.

First, Dan Bick our building maintenance supervisor has resigned from the CCHOA to take a job with a construction firm in north county. All our best to him. His position has been filled by Sergio Gonzales.  Antigua residents will remember Sergio from our reconstruction job as he was JWC superintendent. He has an extensive knowledge of our property as well as a long resume of working in the condominium repair industry. Looking forward to working with him on our issues. You can contract Sergio by the same email or the same phone number that Dan had. 

ROOFS.  The roofing project is now complete. Please be sure if you, or your tenants want to place a Satellite dish on the roof, you must comply with the CCHOA approved method for Antigua. Further, any wiring required will need to be routed within the existing chases. We have already had residents attempt to run the wires down the sides of a unit. Those of course needed to be removed, repaired and redone at the owner’s expense.

DOCKS. We have now completed the re-wiring of the docks as well as the re-plumbing of the water supply. I’m very pleased we got the wiring done. The state of the old wiring was quite troubling when we removed it.  Attention to maintenance on these valuable assets is critical to reducing cost.

CHIMNEY CLEANING. It has become clear the HOA will need to begin inspecting and cleaning the chimney in Antigua. We are currently getting bids for this service as it was not budgeted for last year. I’ll let you know what the plan is going forward. 

LANDSCAPING.  I have seen, like other residents a number of the new shrubs that have died. All will be replaced as part of the warranty. In fact, Park West has replaced a number of them as well as several palms that failed. We have now done plant and soil samples to determine the cause and correct it prior to the replacements. This should be completed very shortly. 

INTERIOR MODIFICATIONS. Over the course of the past two years I have been in a number of Antigua units. Many have been modified, some quite dramatically.  These improvements are great for our community; however, we have a number of units that get modified without any permission or permits. Over the years we have had owners, contractors, designers remove structural walls, add plumbing, alter roofs, etc. Recently I saw an upper unit where a former homeowner’s tenant, did a DIY remodel, in which the tenant had removed the old wet bar and wall without installing a support beam. Not surprisingly the ceiling is now sagging, the roof has been compromised and the repairs will cost the owner thousands of dollars to say nothing of the City getting involved. 

Make sure any improvements, whether done by yourself or a former owner are or were approved.  Be sure you have copies of any permits if they were required. Any unapproved modification and the problems they cause will of course become the responsibility of the owner and not the association. If as people say “it was like that when I moved in” it’s still the current owner’s problem. These can be expensive bills.

PLUMBING. Ok, this is the next big, (expensive) job we need to complete. We continue to experience failures of the drain/sewer line pipes.  
Antigua has spent in excess of $80,000.00 over just the past 3 years on these repairs. Of that, the amount to repair the actual plumbing was only $6,000.00 dollars and the mold, asbestos testing and interior repairs exceed $72,000.00 dollars. As an example, the last failure in August cost approximately $5,200.00 in interior repairs and only 600.00 additional for the pipe repair. That’s to say nothing of the inconvenience to the residents and the loss of usage. 

Just in this fiscal year (last 2 months) we have spent $19,507.00 on this and we are $14,700 over budget. We have a current repair going on in late September that will likely exceed $25,000.00 to get corrected. The pipe repair is only $800.00.  Almost all of these costs would have been prevented if we had resolved this matter. 

In just the first 3 months of this fiscal year we will have spent $44,500.00 on drain repairs alone. That’s $412.00 from each owner/unit in Antigua, in just the last 90 days. A lot of money for preventable repairs. As you can see these numbers are unsustainable. These funds would be far better spent resolving the problem. 

Recently (August) we had a unit that was backed up. After freeing the clog, we sent a camera down to inspect. We discovered approximately 6 feet of the old drain line was gone. The entire pipe had disintegrated over the last 45 years. Nothing left but dirt. We had no option but to spend the money to dig down and replace the section.
While most of the pipes are still viable for repair, this certainly points out that time is of the essence on this matter.
We are pursuing two viable repair options. One is to insert a plastic “lining” into the existing pipes. This product has been used in Antigua and Coronado before with acceptable results to this point. Cost is somewhere around 13,000.00 per unit.  The second is to clean and then coat the interior of the pipe with a resin. This method, due to some technical issues, may prove to be an even better solution. This is the method being done currently at one of the Shores Towers. Cost to be determined but estimated around $7400.00 per unit. The current estimates to actually replace the pipes within the units is around $40,000.00 plus all of the interior (flooring, walls, paint, asbestos, lodging, etc.)

As you can see, in most cases, it would have cost far less to just line the pipe than have to do the repairs. Remember, we just fix one leaking pipe at a time. Most lower units in Antigua have 6 plus drain line coming down from the upper unit.  

Our current intent is to determine the best repair method for Antigua Village and immediately begin this process. I will of course keep everyone informed. We are developing funding options, however on this project we have options.  
I would again encourage any owner who is going to leave your unit vacant for any length of time to shut off the water to the unit. This is of course especially true for the upstairs units. You might be surprised at the amount of water heater, toilet and ice maker supply lines that simply fail when no one is at home. A recent interior water line failure of an upstairs unit has resulted in damages that are now exceeding 250,000.00 dollars. That bill is being shared by the two owner’s insurance companies. I think every unit has a labeled water shut off in the trash area. With the water shut off and any appliances secured we can prevent some real distress between owners. 

GENERAL. Don’t forget, be nice to your neighbor’s, pick up after your dog and try to park in your cars in a garage. Thanks for all your support. We’re making good progress and it remains a great Village.   

Antigua Village Director

Items completed:
     Completed building exterior remodeled.
     Repaired and replaced exterior fencing.
     Refreshed landscape. 
     Install drip irrigation in all breezeways.
     Replace all sprinkler heads and adjusted/
     Repaired metal roof cap on parapet wall.
     Inspected all waterside decks, repaired and recovered.
     Painted garages.
     Sealed and striped asphalt
     Repaired stair rails and stair pickets.
     Repaired, repainted and added rails to dock gangways.
     Cleaned, painted all landscape lights.
     Replace all bulbs in Village with LED’s.
     Placed all exterior cables in chase ways.
     Replace all dock plumbing with new pipes.
     Replace the entire water feed system to the docks around Antigua.
     Removed 3 truckloads of old abandon satellite dishes from the roofs.
     Remove old abandon wiring from the roofs.
     Cleaned, re-leveled numerous areas and applied a 20 years coating to all roofs.
     Cleaned and added bricks along garages.
     Removed all soil and plant material from bottom of fences and units. 
     Inspected all chimney caps and replaced 19 of them.