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Montego Village Newsletter


 PROJECT UPDATE - August 3, 2017

 Status Summary:

We are now into the project more than 60 days and I am sure it is clear to everyone that we are behind schedule.  The primary cause of our schedule slip was getting the scaffolding in place.  As it turns out, scaffolding our buildings, with their slanted mansards and compound angles, is a bit of a challenge.  The scaffolding on Building C, B and A should definitely go more quickly.  It may be difficult to see from the ground, but our supervisor from JWC, Rudy, has been pretty creative in overlapping activities.  Here is a rough status on Building D:

·         Standing seam roof – prepped and dried-in with Tyvek, material at the painters/coaters

·         Allura Siding – West side mostly finished, including the vertical surrounds on Balconies

·         New balcony pans and drains – all finished except for one unit, waterproofing in process

·         Stair installation – remaining stairs will be finished in two weeks

·         Railings – East side railings measured – 6 in fabrication

·        LED re-lamping – complete

·         Entry landings – prepped but waiting for stair installation before waterproofing can start

·         Small flat roofs outside second floor windows – three out of four complete

The bottom line is that we are four weeks behind schedule.  However, it is expected that the pace will accelerate and that this lost time can be made up over the schedule for the remaining three buildings. As of today, we have 18 workers on site, including the supervisor.  Once building C has a partial scaffold approved, JWC is bringing in additional workers to begin demolition of the old siding.


Our contract with JWC is a fixed price, fixed delivery contract.  There are change orders that do arise when unknown conditions, like hidden dry rot, are discovered.  In addition, permitting costs and inspections could not be fixed at the time the contract was executed.  At the present time, change orders for Building D total less than $15,000, which, if extrapolated to four buildings constitutes 2.3%, well under our budgeted 10-15% contingency.  This number does not reflect our permitting costs or any additional unknown costs yet to be discovered.  Let’s hope that the remaining buildings are in a similar condition to Building D!

Potential Assessment:

We plan on sending out a vote to approve a special assessment near the end of the project.  It is important to wait until most of the costs are in so that we can more accurately predict the funds necessary to retire the debt to the general reserves of CCHOA.


We would like to have a meeting of all residents on Saturday, August 26th at 9am.  The purpose of the meeting is to update all residents on the project status and to answer questions.  By then, JWC feels that Building D will be largely finished.  Please save the date.  If you are unable to attend, feel free to send your questions in writing to the CCHOA, so that we can address them both in the meeting and by return mail or email.

Helen Kupka                      Fran Carrigan

Board President                 Montego Village Director


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