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Jamaica Village Newsletter Jan 2017


State of Jamaica 01-17

Hello fellow Jamaicans! This is a quick note to keep you up to date with what is happening in our village and some general stuff from the HOA.

I finished doing the decorations at the clubhouse a couple of weeks ago. We had to by a new tree as the old one died. The décor is minimal, but the best I could do. In the future, if anyone would like to help decorate for Christmas, please let me know…I am not very good at seeking out volunteers.

As I am talking about the clubhouse, we will start there

The clubhouse remodel was incomplete when I took over in September. There were quite a few issues with the contractor’s work that needed to be redone and or finished. The following is just a list of items being addressed or purchasing.

               3 interior plant pots and plants


               Replacement of glass back doors

               Trash receptacles

               Folding chairs to replace old

               Art for above the sink

               Matching corner table for west wall

               Sound buffers for ceiling

               Building needs to be tented for termites

               New wind vane

               Color finishes to bathrooms to update and beautify.

We will be getting rid of or donating all of the “collectibles” in the storage area and reorganizing it. We are looking into a secure area on the west side of the storage for paddleboards.

Unfortunately the barbeques were not up kept and new ones will be purchased with a regular scheduled maintenance of them as well. The path that was built with our crushed concrete next to the turf will be finished with a paved path. New umbrellas were purchased for the BBQ area. We will be looking at the potential for a raised fire pit by the BBQ.

We will be trimming of the top (3rd tier) of the kayak racks to trim their visibility and ease of loading and unloading. We may built a fourth set if I can get some volunteers. Cavalieri and myself did it last time.

All the signs around the clubhouse are going to be refinished/painted. Private at beach sign to villagers.

We will be evaluating the concept of a new pool and surrounding areas as the pool is 45 years old, outdated, and repairs will be costly.

The gazebos are going to repaired and updated as there is a lot of dry rot and damage.

Two new pilings for the docks.

Redo entry gardens to village

I am currently the chair for the completion of the Cays main entrance. Our previous committee worked with the City and contractors to complete the project to this point. We still have the back wall to complete and many other smaller items that were not completed by the city.

I hope that this little note gets you caught up to speed, and as always, if you have any questions or concerns…please email me





Happy New Year and All the Best!

Ken Irvine