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Mardi Gras Village Newsletter Nov - Dec 2016


Good morning Mardi Gras homeowners and residents, This email is the Fall update on Mardi Gras happenings.


Seawall stabilization has been a topic for a number of years. The CCHOA Board approved the tieback anchor installation this past year. We had problems getting a contractor to work with the outside contractors as the State of California would not grant a waiver for them to do our seawall work. This has finally been taken care of and now we are waiting for the various governmental agencies to grant the permits. As soon as these are approved I am hopeful the the stabilization will commence.



As earlier announced, Peterson Roofing was given a contract to survey all of the roofs in Mardi Gras with the purpose of ascertaining which roofs needed new chimney caps, dormers or repairs to the skylights originally installed. This has been accomplished and the contracts have been approved to commence repairs as soon as the company can schedule the time.


After the holidays the clubhouse will be closed for a few days in order to redo the kitchen area and to complete the tiling in the bathroom area. Tiling repairs on the outside deck is yet to be contracted for.

South Coastal Campus Naval Base

This large project is continuing and the CCHOA has previously asked the Navy to insure that the control booth (guard house) be located far enough into the complex that cars will not back up on the Stand (highway 75). In addition we have asked that north bound traffic have a pass through lane so that vehicles and motorcycles accelerating from the stoplight not impact the homes with noise along the Strand. Light pollution is another consideration.

I have been told that a helicopter pad will not be relocated near the entrance close to Mardi Gras.

Christmas/Holiday Party

Mardi Gras has reserved the clubhouse for a party on December 4 from 6-9. Herlinda Sandoval/Ryan is in charge and will have additional information coming out shortly. The past parties have been special and give all of us an opportunity to meet other residents from Mardi Gras and Port Royale and share holiday spirit.

General Manager

The CCHOA has recently hired a new general manager. Michael Bennett has arrived and it might be said that he has hit the ground running. He was the General Manager for a complex with over 4,000 homes (the CCHOA has 1198). He has terrific qualifications and I am pleased to have him here.


As always if you have questions or concerns please let me know, Bob Rood, Mardi Gras Director, dirmardigras@cchoa.org