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Montego April Newsletter

Hello everyone,

First off, this a Parking Structure free-zone. The frequent updates are on the CCHOA Website under Documents. A pop-up will prompt "Choose aCategory". Click on that and you will see "Montego Parking GarageStructure" where there are 18 items for you to review.

Our Fiscal Year 2021-2022 will end in June and the new Fiscal Year 2022-2023 will begin in July. Here are some improvements, big and small, that you may not have noticed this year.

Clubhouse: new furnace, new ceiling fans as one wouldn't spin, two clocks-one inside and one outside, bathroom stalls repainted, Keurig coffee pot donated, pool table. As you know, the Clubhouse is available for parties, holidays, meetings and just because. Contact the CCHOA on how to reserve it.
Pool: Little blue tables for your drinks (no glass please) and personal items. New pool safety signs on both gates and inside. There is a sign by the jacuzzi that says "Please replace the spa cover". I looked up a sitethat explains why. "What does a spa cover do? It acts as a giant lid. It acts as a barrier for cleanliness. A cover keeps away unwanted material. It also saves you money. By keeping the hot water in, you don't have to adjust the temperature, making your spa more energy efficient. Your spa uses enough water as it is. Without a cover, much of the water can be lost into the air as steam. With a cover however, the water condenses and falls back into your spa saving you tons on your water and electricity bill." From where I live, I can see the steam rising at night and think to myself...there goes our money up in smoke! Obviously, I can't see the steam during the day but it stilladds to the cost. So please, whether it's day or night, cover up the jacuzzi! How long does it take, a minute?
Grounds: Garbage dumpster doors have been painted and hinges fixed. IPE oil was applied to the wooden bannisters. FYI: wood takes a beating due to sun and salty air. That's why some look so faded. The ones in the shade look brand new. Maintenance oils them once a year. New signs were put on our four front gates regarding who can enter MV. (Please double-check that the gates close behind you.) The car entry/exit gates have new sensors so they won't get stuck open. New aluminum ladders leading to the roofs were installed due to the rust that accumulated on them due to condensation from the original ladders. We have a new "Montego Village" sign at the front entry.
Continuing maintenance includes cleaning the dumpster area, the mailbox kiosks, and the asphalt once per month. Fixing the green sidewalk lanterns that have been knocked over. MV has a Monthly Maintenance Walk once per month to point out things that need to get done. Please contact me if you see something that Maintenance needs to fix, including water leaks in the Common Areas.
Stratton: this is the company that is resealing/waterproofing the balconies and landings. A schedule was emailed to everyone on April 1 which denotes when your unit will get done. They will also post a reminder on your doors about a week before they will start.

I'd say 95% looks beautiful. The photinia bushes and the jasmine vines that were planted in front of our blue fences in 2020 have really filled the area in beautifully. Park West will hedge the bushes when they grow higher than your fence. The pink hawthorn flowers have bloomed. The slope has a beautiful array of daisies. All of the roses, fortnight lilies, and the bougainvillea vines are in full bloom around the kiosks. New mulch was laid down which provides nutrients to the plants. Behind BLDG D and next to the JV wall, two unhealthy trees were removed and replaced with two camelia bushes.

There are a few trouble areas, the major ones being the giant circular palm tree planter in between BLDGs B and C, and the two triangular palm tree planters along the waterfront. Like Maintenance, MV has a Monthly Landscape Walk with Park West. I make up a list of things that really need help such as those palm tree planters. Along the waterfront the problem is the salty air. The previous flowers weren't looking so good,so I requested lantanas. Now they aren't looking so good. They are youngand need to take root, so I'm hopeful that they will have brilliant blooms in the summer. That B/C planter is so ugly, sorry to say. It used to be full of healthy blue fescue, what I call "puffy grass". It's not healthy now because it needs full sun. I also requested lantana to be planted there. They can thrive in six hours of sun. That is such a shady area, so I don't know if they get six hours or not. Anyway, when the new mulchwas added the whole thing became a giant eye-sore. It's depressing to me. It may cost a little more, but I'm thinking about requesting seasonal flowers like pansies, petunias, impatiens, etc. OR brightly colored flowers that last all year just for the three planters. Nowhere else. A second problem area is the slope. Half of it looks beautiful right now with the daisies. The other half is bare because there is way too much shade. As of now, Park West hasn't come up with a good solution. Also, there is a foot-worn dirt path leading from the mailbox area to the grass at the top where the doggie station USED to be. I had the doggie station removed to the far side at the top of the stairs so plants, such as aloe and agave, can fill in the dirt path. These are succulents with spiky tips! Lastly, the Monument area needs help. The "Monument" is the area where our MV sign is. Do you like how that little garden area looks? Me either. Park West has been asked month after month to make it look more beautiful, more colorful. Hasn't happened yet. If there's an area you see that needs attention, please contact me.

That's it for now. In the next letter, I will let you know what our projects are for the new fiscal year which starts in July. The big ones besides the obvious are painting the rails on the stairs and balconies and an asphalt overlay.

I want to thank everyone for your patience (?) over the last 18 months. It's been pretty rough, but the worst is behind us.