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As you might imagine, it has been a very busy year so far. Antigua just continues to get better and better. I really want to thank everyone for their support, advice and participation in improving our community.

1. PIPE RELINING. As of this writing, we have completed 76 units. SPT has three separate crews working on completing Antigua by May of this year. If you haven’t scheduled your relining, please call the CCHOA Maintenance Department. I believe they have contacted all of the final 32 units to get them scheduled. Just as a side note, my unit and the upstairs neighbor’s unit were done last month. I, like everyone else, had a torn-up house for almost four weeks, people in and out, and a mad wife. However, now that its done, I am happy not to worry about sewage leaks into my unit when we travel. Having seen hours of pipe videos, I can guarantee to all of you, this project was long overdue. In fact, we got it done just in the nick of time.

2. RESERVE STUDY. Over the past few months, I have invested several hundred hours in producing a “Level 1” reserve study. I don’t know if this has ever been done in Antigua much less for Coronado Cays. The document comprises some 45 pages. It lists every component I could identify within Antigua. It contains all sq. footage's of roofs, siding, stucco, etc. The total number of, and types of lights. Numbers of docks, ramps, pilings, chimney caps, stairs, balconies, seawalls, railings, etc. I then got current replacement cost from associated companies, life expectancy from experts, and recommended maintenance policies and procedures to keep these items in good shape. After seeing these numbers, our new manager Henry, contracted with a new company, SmartProperty, to conduct new studies for all of the Cays communities. They sent three experts and engineers as well as a reserve study expert. We are currently refining all of those numbers to get a final result. I’m confident this will be very good news for Antigua owners. I have shared my study with numerous residents, both in Antigua, the Cays, and others in the condo industry. I’ve told everyone, I have no personal agenda, and would welcome any input. Due to the impressive people in Antigua and the Cays, I have gotten so much great information that has helped me refine this study. I think it will show, in short order, Antigua will be well-funded. And for me, more importantly, this Village is going to be maintained at a much higher level than we’ve seen for years.

3. PAINTING. CertaPro has touched up all of the bubbles and problems with the painting in 2018. If you have any problems that were missed, let us know. We will be painting wood again in three years.

4. We are currently re coating front landings and stairs. This is the landing leading to the front doors of the upstairs units. This has not been done for many years. Many of these landings have been covered with carpet. The contractor is removing the carpet, grinding off the old glue, and then applying a 3-step epoxy product. Any rotten wood or metal is replaced by our CCHOA staff prior to the coating. I know this procedure is a major inconvenience for the affected residents. Bear with us, we will get it done. We are trying to complete every landing by June of this year.

5. SEAWALL SURVEY. We conducted a survey of the seawall by using a GPR, which stands for a ground penetrating radar. Amazing technology. I’m happy to report we only found three “voids” in Antigua. They are very shallow, 1.5 to 2.5 feet. I am getting a bid to fill these voids. They do it by drilling a hole through the wall, and pumping foam into the void. I’m confident we can handle this expense with our current reserve monies. As you may know, Kingston has experienced several very large voids. I think they have 10 to deal with. It was this discovery that prompted me to initiate our survey. I attended a meeting with the marine repair contractor, a structural engineer as well as Henry and Sergio. It was an extremely interesting meeting about how to maintain a seawall. I don’t think anybody has ever developed a plan for maintaining this critical element of our communities. I must say, our new manager Henry, was, and is, right on top of this and other subjects. I have to tell you all, from someone who knows, we’re in good hands with Henry.

6. GARAGE POWER. Still working on this subject. SDG&E is not the easiest company to work with. We have a cost to complete rewiring every garage and install 108 electrical meters. The cost is well within our ability to fund with current dues and reserves. Currently working with an electrical engineering firm to develop a plan that we can submit to SDG&E for their review.

7. DINGY DOCKS. I continue to get calls and request about this subject. Everything from it’s too big, it’s too ugly, or it’s abandoned. I will be working on this later this year when we finish the pipe lining. So, I’m just asking, if you have an old, unused, or un-maintained dingy dock, maybe it’s time to get it cleaned up. I personally, with the HOA staff, will help if you call me. Getting rid of some of the clutter on the docks will certainly help improve the quality of life in Antigua.

8. LASTLY. I work in a very sequential method. I take the most important first and prioritize from there. The remodel was
$2 million, so that’s what I worked on. The pipe lining was $1.5 million, so that was next. The reserve allocation for Antigua is $435,000 per year, that’s our 3rd highest expense, so I did that this year, with great results. The operating budget is $380,000 per year, so I’m working on that now. My intent is to maintain Antigua at a very high level. It won’t require any additional funds, just focus. Next is the Common Area budget, and there’s a lot of savings and improvement to be made there as well.

Thanks for reading.

Be nice to your neighbors, remember we all live here together and do what you can to improve this Village.