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Coronado Cays Living -March Issue

As I write this article at the beginning of February, I am happy to report that there are numerous projects in progress to improve our community. Antigua Village’s sanitary pipe relining is over 50 percent complete with three teams working two-unit stacks simultaneously. All units are expected to be completed by June 2020. Kingston’s major external renovation continues with the final touches on Building 1 and ongoing replacement of wood trim/siding and stairs on Buildings 2 & 3. Building 1 residents have been extremely patient as the timeline has increased significantly and the contractor and HOA are applying lessons learned to the remainder of the project. A long-awaited landscaping renovation of Montego Village is nearing completion with decorative gray stones under the stairways along with numerous new plants and mulch. An irrigation pilot program has also been kicked off in Montego with the installation of new weather-based irrigation controllers (WBIC) and a comprehensive sprinkler customization. Clubhouse projects are taking place in Port Royale/Mardi Gras with a new kitchen and redesigned bathrooms. At Bahama/Antigua clubhouse, the wood floor has been resurfaced and an external painting/replacement of wood trim is ready to commence. The adjacent pool restrooms are being redesigned and renovated after a shower leaked through the clubhouse wall necessitating moving the planned renovation forward. Speaking of restroom renovations, the HOA hired Brandalyn Dennis of Kingston Village (Brandalyn Designs) to redesign the HOA restrooms. Brandalyn has been instrumental in providing interior/exterior design advice to the HOA. The design is the first step in the renovation process and critical in obtaining bids for the work. The HOA looks forward to selecting a contractor and completing the project prior to the end of the 2019-2020 fiscal year in June.

Two new ad hoc committees have been formed to assist the Board of Directors and HOA Staff. The Port Lease Renewal Committee chaired by me is engaging with the Port to examine the Cays upcoming lease renewal. Our current lease expires in May 2034 and includes a requirement to start the negotiation with 20% of the term remaining or basically, now. An initial meeting with the Port Real Estate Group revealed the 20% rule is no longer in effect, so the HOA has more time to position itself for the most favorable renewal while strategizing with other nearby leaseholders. The Committee has invited members of the Port to visit the Cays to see firsthand how we are unique and different from other San Diego Bay tenants. We are a residential marine community with limited commercial activities as compared with the majority of the rest of the Port tenants. More to follow as the renewal process continues.

The other new, or not so new, committee is the Landscape/Water Advisory Committee. The previous Landscape Committee was retired approximately two and half years ago. The current committee is chaired by Karen Farmer (Jamaica Village Director) and John McLawhorn (Kingston Village resident) and is focused on Common area landscaping/irrigation while assisting individual villages, as requested. Priorities for the Committee include the Cays front entrance circle improvement, upgrading the corner of Coronado Cays Boulevard and Grand Caribe Causeway, developing a tree/plant palette, and evaluating the irrigation controller system to replace our aging Calsense and stand-alone controllers. The HOA has approximately 100 irrigation controllers throughout the Cays with only 50% of them being integrated. Integrated means we can control them via a computer program while the rest are stand-alone and must be adjusted manually. The goal is a 100% integrated system that utilizes doppler weather-based inputs to determine when to water and sensors to alert Staff/landscaping contractors when we have a high-flow situation, a leak or break in the line. This system will allow the HOA to optimize the irrigation water usage and maintain the beauty of our community while minimizing expenses.

Good neighbor tip: Parking your vehicles in your garage or on your driveway will allow more room on the street for visitors and improve the look of our community. Additionally, parking off the street on Fridays will allow the City street sweeper to keep the Cays looking clean and tidy. The Coronado Cays Specific Plan requires that each dwelling maintain a minimum of two (2) conveniently accessible, continuously usable and fully enclosed off-street parking spaces. Coronado Municipal Code states that vehicles, which are not moved for 72 hours, are subject to being ticketed or towed.