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Port Royale Newsletter


January 2020
Hello Port Royale & Happy New Year!

Speaking of “new”, I’m hoping that by now you’ve noticed we’ve been working to refresh the landscaping in the common areas. New plantings have been going in to add color and fill in some of the empty dirt spots. Mulch is also being added to help mitigate the weeds that manage to spring up out of nowhere and to help with water conservation. This is an ongoing process so please be patient as we work our way through the neighborhood (and stay on budget). I know that many of you are focused on the landscaping in front of your houses. The HOA will work with you should you decide to do your own refresh. The landscaping team can provide you with guidance on your planting options as well as provide a proposal for doing the work for you.

This week we’ve also started construction on a remodel of the Port Royale/Mardi Gras Village Club House. I think we’re all in agreement that a renovation is very much needed! The next 5‐6 weeks will see a major rework of the kitchen and each of the bathrooms. We will keep to the same footprint but the look and feel will bring us more in line with 2020.

You’ve also received notice that the clubhouse is moving to keyless entry. The deadline for removing key access is rapidly approaching (January 17th), so I recommend stopping into the CCHOA with your picture ID ASAP for your allotted one key fob.

In other news, changes to the Cays Park Master Plan are being considered as the city explores current recreational use and ongoing demands from organized sports (potentially beyond soccer). Our Mayor tells us that the City Council agenda on January 21st will contain a staff report on load management and scheduling of organized sport usage, and that public feedback is welcome. Redesign ideas regarding the park are underway. There are many hotly debated items being put up for consideration including, but not limited to, changes to organized sports load management, dog park, turf, parking, bathrooms, enhancements etc. Public workshops were conducted last year for the city to gather feedback. I’m hoping everyone with an opinion completed the surveys. Outreach is ongoing, and I think it is important that we residents stay involved in the decision‐making process. It is in our backyard after all! The next Cays Park Master Plan public workshop is anticipated to be in March, so stay tuned...

The next HOA Board of Directors meeting is January 23rd, 2pm in the Grand Caribe room. It is open to everyone, please feel free to attend.

Finally, I want to thank everyone for your words of wisdom and encouraging comments. I’m wishing a healthy and happy 2020 to you all.

Becki Lock