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Coronado Cays Living Magazine - November Issue


The holiday season is upon us and the CCHOA Staff is busy managing multiple projects to improve our community. The pipe re-lining project in Antigua continues to progress with two teams from Specialized Pipe Technologies (SPT) having completed approximately 30 units. The long-awaited Kingston Village renovation commenced with Building 1 on September 30 and is expected to finish in approximately one year. The sealing of 4 of 7 flat roofs in Kingston has been completed with the remainder expected to be completed by early November. The Kingston dock renovation project has been waiting on permit approval from the Port District. With permits in hand, Bellingham Marine will be ready to commence the much-needed repairs/replacement of head walk sections and finger docks. In other villages, we have commenced painting projects in Jamaica and Mardi Gras, resealed and restriped the Trinidad/Kingston Clubhouse parking lot, and installed a new gate and entry system at the Port Royale/Mardi Gras pool.

Landscaping projects and enhancements are being planned or underway in several villages and in the common areas. Landscape renovations in Montego, Bahama, Mardi Gras, and Port Royale are being planned and executed with the respective village directors, Staff, and Park West. Common area renovations are focused on Coronado Cays Boulevard starting at the north end of the Cays and Grand Caribe Causeway. The use of pre-emergent weed control coupled with mulching is being used to improve the overall look of the Cays while reducing the time spent on weeding.

Did you participate in the public workshops for the Cays Park Master Plan? Two sessions were advertised and held in October with an additional two sessions planned for the March-April 2020 timeframe after the initial design alternatives phase. The City wants to hear from you on how best to design the Cays Park to maximize usage for the future. Other City projects that impact the Cays are the renovation of portions of the exterior wall, connecting the Navy’s Coastal Campus sewage system into the pump station across from Jamaica Village (October 2019-March 2020), slurry sealing Antigua Court, and renovations to two sewage pumping stations located at the corner of Admiralty Cross and The Point and at the southern entrance to Trinidad (scheduled to commence in March-April 2020). Repairs to remove trip hazards were completed to the sidewalk along Grand Caribe Causeway between Antigua and Bahama Villages.

Good neighbor tips: Keep your cars locked when they are parked on the street. Several cars have had items removed and stolen recently. Investigations revealed that the cars were unlocked. This has occurred over the years as the perpetrator walks down the street checking car door handles until they find one that opens. They then grab whatever is readily available and move on to the next car. Simply locking your car will prevent this lower level type of crime and keep your items safe. Also, do not keep valuables in plain sight in your car. This may lead to a thief actually breaking into your car and ruining your day.

Your HOA Team is working hard to support all the residents and improve the Cays. Sadly, we have had to say goodbye to Linda Acuna, Mariana Coudurier, and Rey Martinez but are excited to welcome new additions. Please stop by and say hello to your new Maintenance Foreman, Isai Mendia, your new Administrative Assistant, Amanda Teran, and your new Member Services Representative, Brianna Guido.