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New CCHOA Fiscal Year Approaching

Beginning of the CCHOA Fiscal Year

The beginning of the CCHOA fiscal year is quickly approaching as we prepare to execute several major projects including a major external renovation and a dock replacement project in Kingston Village; and an epoxy relining of drainage piping in Antigua Village. The Kingston Village external renovation will replace  wooden components affected by dry rot and stairs with like for like materials while epoxy sealing flat roofs to improve weather-ability. The overall look of the Village will be maintained. Antigua Village drainage piping will renew critical drainage piping and give them another 30 years of life. Both projects will be paid by their respective village owners. The seawall anchoring project in Mardi Gras Village was completed and tested successfully in May ensuring the future stability of this critical infrastructure component. 

Our 2019-20 budget was approved by the Board and sent to homeowners as part of the annual disclosure and budget packet. A minor increase in the common assessment was included to support software purchases and administrative improvements as well as modest increases in approximately half of the villages. The Board and Finance Committee remain committed to maintaining adequate reserve levels to prevent deferred maintenance and will be conducting an on-site reserve study in the coming year to verify the condition of our capital assets and validate their remaining life. Our 2018-19 budget is expected to be on target overall.

Landscaping by Park West continues to be a hot topic as we approach the one-year mark in our new two-year contract. Feedback has been less than favorable, so I have appointed Chuck Henning, Code Enforcement, as the HOA Landscape Liaison. He will assist me in monitoring Park West’s performance in fulfilling the contract, act as a point of contact for residents to report landscaping and irrigation issues, and support the effort to generate a Master Water Use Plan for the Cays. The Landscape Liaison can be contacted at landscape@cchoa.org.   

As your new General Manager, it is my pleasure to announce new CCHOA Office hours of Monday to Friday from 8 a.m.-5p.m.. Your management team will continue to be in the office and around the Cays assisting owners and residents while conducting the day-to-day business of the HOA during these new hours. Additionally, we are taking a renewed approach to communicating with the members of the HOA by utilizing draft minutes of Board and committee meetings to reduce the time required to share details, posting the results of proposed resolutions within one day after Board meetings, and initiating an email consent campaign to obtain member’s consent to use email/electronic means for individual document delivery. First-class mail will still be available for those homeowners that do not opt in for email/electronic delivery. Email consent forms are available at the CCHOA Office and will also be provided at the upcoming Annual Meeting.

Speaking of the Annual Meeting, August 23rd is right around the corner and we are seeking a few good directors. The CCHOA Bylaws stipulate that the directors of Montego, Kingston, Mardi Gras, Port Royale, and Blue Anchor Cay Villages will be elected in odd years for terms of two years. If you or someone you know is interested in being considered for the director position in their village, please submit their name to the applicable village director or the CCHOA Office. Candidates will need to submit a petition signed by 2% of the eligible members in their village to qualify to be listed on the ballot. Petitions must be returned to the CCHOA Office no later than 5:00 p.m. June 10, 2019. Ballots will be counted at the annual meeting that will be again hosted by our “neighbor,” Loews Coronado Bay Resort. Make sure you attend to hear the latest status of the HOA and enjoy a fabulous dinner with friends and neighbors!

Henry Angelino
General Manager