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Mardi Gras Village Newsletter - March 2019


Good afternoon Mardi Gras Homeowner’s and Residents, enclosed is a brief update on current happenings in Mardi Gras Village.


The CCHOA Board is in the process of selecting a new General Manager for the CCHOA. Michael Bennett left in February for a job in Washington. The Board wishes him success in his new job.


Harbour Constructors started installing the newly designed helical tie back anchors in the southern part of the seawall along Tunapuna Lane. After the 5 test anchors were installed at the end of last year, with what appeared to be great success, the engineers decided that they did not meet the rigorous seismic code in California and had to be redesigned. This included enlarging the shaft as well as the helix on the anchors. The very southern end of the seawall is the most seriously damaged with considerable outward movement from south to north through 14 homes along Tunapuna Lane. This has been a 4 year effort to secure the necessary permits and finally get maintenance started to preserve the integrity of the seawall. The funds were budgeted previously.


A variety of homes have been tented in Mardi Gras due to termite infestation. This does involve a great deal of preparation for the homeowner. It is still best to let the HOA know if you see any missing vent screens or rusted out screens. The termites are out and about looking for entry into the homes. 


The homes on the east side of Tunapuna Lane are scheduled to be painted beginning July 1, 2019. All plants that are attached to your home(ivy type plants) will need to be removed prior to painting. According to maintenance, these plants are very destructive to wood, window/door frames and can cause roof damage. More details will come out to the homeowners as the time to paint nears.


The CCHOA is beginning to prepare 2019/2020 budgets for each of the Villages. The Mardi Gras budget does not have huge optional areas for budget type decisions. Mardi Gras has to budget for painting, roofs, basic structural repairs, seawalls, roads, clubhouse/pool, pest control and the grounds/common areas, etc. We continue to maintain at least 50% funding with a plan of 100% over 30 years.


If your new neighbors did not receive this update and wish to receive future updates please have them contact the CCHOA office and ask to be added to my private email list or contact me.

I welcome the opportunity to improve our homes and the surrounding grounds (of course this is still taking time, but Park West has assured me that we residents will be happy with the progress). If at any time you have ideas, concerns, advice or questions please let me know. As I have said previously, we live in a terrific area and it is certainly my desire to have Mardi Gras continue to be an outstanding Village.

Bob Rood, Mardi Gras Director, dirmardigras@cchoa.org