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Proposed Rule Change - Parking- Inoperable Vehicles


Homeowners Association


The Board of Directors will adopt Resolution 18-XX on December 13, 2018, at 2:00 p.m. in the Grand Caribe Room. If within thirty days of enacting a new operating rule the Board of Directors receives a petition, from members owning 5% or more of the separate interests, requesting a membership vote on the new rule, the Board of Directors shall either call a special meeting of the membership or distribute a written ballot for the purpose of voting on a new rule. The new rule shall be repealed if repeal is approved by a majority of the members voting, provided that at least a quorum of the members has cast a vote.

(This is being published for 30-day member comment period prior to possible adoption at following Open Board meeting)

Purpose and Intent: To amend the Member Handbook (Operating Rules) Section 6.5 thru 6.6 regarding the parking of inoperable vehicles in Private Parking Areas or on any portion of the Common Area and to adopt a towing policy that complies with the California Vehicle Code in order to allow residents efficient utilization of parking in the Coronado Cays community.

Please direct any resident comments concerning this proposed Rule Change for Board consideration to: Michael Bennett – General Manager – Email: manager@cchoa.org



Rules Changes concerning towing of vehicles parked in violation of the Association’s Governing Documents

Whereas, the Board of Directors of the Coronado Cays Homeowners Association (“Association”) is charged with the responsibility for the management and control of the affairs of the Coronado Cays development; and

Whereas, the Board of Directors desires to amend the existing rules pertaining to towing of vehicles parked in violation of the Association’s Governing Documents; and

NOW, THERFORE, BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the following rules amendments (specifications) are effective 15 days following adoption by the Board of Directors in Open session on December 13, 2018 and notification to members.

Deletions shown in Double Strikethrough XXXXXX

Additions shown in BOLD Italics, Underlined XXXXXXX

Coronado Cays Member Handbook

6.5.7     Inoperable Vehicles – Inoperable vehicles, defined as any vehicle not displaying current Department of Motor Vehicle license plate tags, or any vehicle not capable of being driven under the vehicle’s own power, may not be parked in Private Parking Areas, Carports, or any portion of the common area. Such vehicles will be cited by the Association, and the vehicle owner or responsible home owner subject to a fine for non-compliance.

6.5.8     Towing - Vehicles parked in Private Parking Areas or on any portion of the common area in violation of the Association’s Governing Documents, including these rules, will be subject to the towing policy.

6.6     Kingston Village Parking

6.6.1     Off-Street/Guest Parking Areas:   Off-street/guest parking is for motor vehicles only. Vehicle length  cannot extend more than two (2) feet beyond the concrete culvert into the street.

6.6.2     Carports:   Carports are for the use of Kingston residents only. One (1) carport space is assigned to each condo unit. No other vehicle may be parked in an owner’s assigned parking space without that owner’s  permission. Only cars, trailers, boats or other wheeled vehicles may be parked in the carports, and cannot extend more than three (3) feet outside the roof line. Carports may not be used for storage of any kind without prior  approval of the Director.

6.6.3     Vehicle Repairs:     No major or prolonged vehicle repairs may be performed in Kingston Village. Any  substance such as gasoline, oil, antifreeze or any other material that will stain or damage carport surfaces will be subject to fines by the Association. Owner will be required to pay the cost of repair of such damage.

Be it further resolved that notice of the above rule change shall be given pursuant to Civil Code section 4360, subsection (c); and

Be it further resolved that the above rule shall be included in the next publication of the Member Handbook and numbered as shown above therein.

I hereby certify that I am the duly elected Secretary of the Coronado Cays Homeowners Association and that the foregoing Resolution was approved for distribution to membership at a meeting of the Board of Directors of the Association held on December 13, 2018.

_______________________________        ___________________________
Secretary                                                                                      Date