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Proposed Rule Change - Operating Rules Section 5.6


Coronado Cays Homeowners Association


The Board of Directors will vote to adopt Resolution 18-XX on December 13, 2018, at 2:00 p.m. in the Grand Caribe Room. If within thirty days of enacting a new operating rule the Board of Directors receives a petition, from members owning 5% or more of the separate interests, requesting a membership vote on the new rule, the Board of Directors shall either call a special meeting of the membership or distribute a written ballot for the purpose of voting on a new rule. The new rule shall be repealed if repeal is approved by a majority of the members voting, provided that at least a quorum of the members has cast a vote.

This is being published per board direction at the September 27, 2018 meeting for 30-day member comment period prior to possible adoption at the first Open Board meeting following the 30-day member comment period.

Purpose and Intent: To amend the Member Handbook (Operating Rules) Section 5.6 concerning Docks in Kingston and Antigua Villages.

Please direct any resident comments concerning this proposed Rule Change for Board consideration to:

Michael Bennett – General Manager – Email: manager@cchoa.org




Amendment to Member Handbook (Operating Rules) Section 5.6

WHEREAS, the Coronado Cays Homeowners Association wishes to amend the Governing Documents (Member Handbook – Rules) concerning Docks in Kingston and Antigua Villages.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the following amendments are adopted on 12-13-2018 by the CCHOA Board of Directors, and

NOW, THERFORE, BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the following rules amendments (specifications) are effective 15 days following adoption by the Board of Directors in Open session on December 13, 2018 and notification to members.

Coronado Cays Member Handbook (2018 Version)

Deletions shown in Double Strike through XXXXXX

Additions shown in BOLD Italics, Underlined XXXXXXX

5.6      Association Owned Docks:

5.6.1     All docks within the Coronado Cays must be kept in a neat and clean condition.

5.6.2      Guest Docks in Kingston
Guest docks in Kingston are for the exclusive use of Kingston owners, -tenants, and their guests. An owner or tenant may request that a boat be berthed in the guest dock for no more than one 7-day period in any 30-day period. The owner/tenant requesting the use of the guest dock must contact the Association office and complete a guest dock use form before the General Manager will issue permission to berth a boat at the guest docks. The Village Director or Village Dock Master must authorize berthing any boat in the guest docks for longer than 7 days. The village may charge a rental fee for any boat berthed in the guest docks longer than 7 days.     Dock #17, (the Guest Dock located at the southeast corner of Kingston Village), is for the use of Kingston owners and tenants only. It cannot be “loaned” to any person or organization outside Kingston.     Condo Unit 14 Kingston has the exclusive use of the northern 4 feet of Dock 17, to which they may dock their boat.     The south side of Dock 17 is a Guest Dock that is available for berthing guest boats, per     Kingston owners and tenants may use Dock 17 for their events by filing a request with the Association specifying the proposed date and time of usage and purpose of the event. Hours of use will be limited to 10 AM to 8:00 PM. The area of 4’ on the north side of the dock must be kept clear since that area is for the exclusive use of the owner/tenant of 14 Kingston. The south side must be kept clear when a guest boat is docked there.

5.6.10 The following items are the only items that may be approved by the Association for installation on or attachment to a dock in Kingston or Antigua villages:

1.           Mini dock for on-water storage of personal watercraft
2.           Anti-fouling tub
3.           Hydro hoist
4.           Steps for access to moored boat
5.           Swim ladders
6.           Security Lights
7.          Dinghy/jet ski docks
8.          Mini storage boxes

5.6.11     Nothing may be stored on the head walk of any dock in Kingston or Jamaica villages. Small boats such as
kayaks may be stored on the fingers of docks in Kingston and Jamaica villages only by the mutual consent of both of the owners who have exclusive use of the two slips served by the finger.

Maintenance and use of docks in Kingston and Antigua – Nothing may be stored on any dock or finger of Kingston or Antigua village.

(a)           No kayaks, paddle boards, other small water craft, or personal effects may               be stored on docks.
(b)           Dinghy docks may be used for storing small water craft
(c)           Boat racks are not allowed on docks
(d)           Personal storage containers must be stored on headwalks next to the             assigned, accessory box that is provided, and cannot exceed 2’ wide X 4’             long X 3’ high. Such Containers must be white in color.
(e)      Small chairs may be used on the head walk, but never stacked or stored on             dinghy docks.
(f)           Swim ladders, and their placement, must be approved by village director                  before obtaining Association approval.
(g)           All water craft must be maintained in a neat manner.
(h)          Guests using docks must be accompanied by a village owner/tenant

5.6.18     Kingston Dinghy Dock Policy     Dinghy docks may be attached to the headwalk within the space of the unit owner’s boat slip and must not prevent an existing dinghy dock from being able to offload its watercraft.
               Dinghy docks may be attached to the headwalk within the space of the unit owner’s boat slip, or behind the headwalk on the bulkhead side, immediately behind the unit owner’s boat slip. It must not  prevent an existing dinghy dock from being able to offload its watercraft. A dingy dock cannot be attached behind another owner’s slip without that owner’s written permission, which must be counter-signed by the village director and submitted to the ASSOCIATION. Such permission will be considered temporary and subject to termination at any time by either the owner or the ASSOCIATION. A dinghy dock can be used for storing small water craft only.

Be it further resolved that notice of the above rule change shall be given pursuant to Civil Code section 4360, subsection (c); and

Be it further resolved that the above rule shall be included in the next publication of the Member Handbook and numbered as shown above therein.

I hereby certify that I am the duly elected Secretary of the Coronado Cays Homeowners Association and that the foregoing Resolution was approved for distribution to membership at a meeting of the Board of Directors of the Association held on December 13, 2018.

_______________________________                         ____________________
           – Secretary                                                        Date