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Jamaica Village Director- April Newsletter


Hello Everyone,

I have a moment to give you a couple of Updates. We will be replacing the South waterfront section of Cement at the Green Turtle Gate. It is a trip hazard and has exposed rebar. This will take place starting on Apr 23. It will not be passable for the entire week. Our Maintenance Supervisor, Dan Bick is in contact with any boat owner who needs a temporary slip on our other Northern Docks. Call Dan at Maintenance if you need further assistance. Signs will be posted at Jamaica Entrance and at Walkway. The Gate lock will be replaced during this time. Keys will be given out after the work is completed. 

We are budgeted for Pool furniture. This will go before the Board for a vote on April 26th. The past couple weeks I have been in budget meetings and Board Meetings. We will not have a HOA Dues increase for 2018/2019. Our Board tried very hard to match or beat the Park West’s Performance Based Bid for out sourcing of all  CCHOA Landscaping. The Board even had the Finance Committee meet  and vote as our Advisors. Jamaica Village was represented in this Committee with  Grace Lowenberg from HMB. In the end it was my duty to agree with all concerned. The entire CCHOA will save $300,000 each year in the two year contract. This is for all the large Cays Common  Areas and 10 Villages. You will be proud to know we pressed Park West Landscaping to meet and offer as many positions as possible  to our wonderful Landscape Crew. I have been kept informed by Frank and other employees that meetings are happening in the next two weeks.

Palm Skinning: The Entrance along HMB looks wonderful! After July Green Leaf will start on North HMB Palms. Every area of Jamaica Village has seen little changes. We have a couple small Home fronts left. 

After receiving 17 responses regarding the Clubhouse usage fee. 15 people believed it would help with the rising cost of Gas& Electric, sewer and Storm Drain Fees and our Janitorial Services. It might help purchase replacement BBQ grills when needed. This option is better than all Owners getting rate increases in the coming years.   The majority of reoccurring usage is with our Renters. This low fee is similar to all other Villages in the Cays. It is effective May 15,2018.

Fee: 1-20 guests  $20.00
        21-40 guests $40.00
        41-68 guests $80.00

We had a number of large BBQ parties at our Grilling Common Areas. Please remember our agreed hours of usage. Grill and Commons close on Fri/Sat at 9:00 and Sun-Thursday at 8:00. The Grilling area is for small gatherings. If you or your renters have more than 8 guests, the CCHOA would like to have a signed BBQ agreement. It is the existing agreement located at the Bulletin Board by our Grills. I will send a copy,  if you request it. This way the Safety Crew will know to visit our Village during a party. Please remember the area is for all our residents. There should be plenty of room to accommodate two separate  gatherings with the two Grill set up. Exceptions are listed on the Rules. I would like to Thank all our Homeowners who live by the Recreation Common Area. Many of us have special times when we want to celebrate. These GREAT neighbors put up with all our special days. Thank you! We need to remember to be courteous and obey our Rules. 

The Nomination letter was sent out to everyone. It would be great to hear from people who are interested in positions on our CCHOA Committees or if you plan to Run as a Director. It is great to have participation. I am willing to dedicate myself for 2 more years. I would like to have the time to finish what I started 5 months ago on October 26th. Thank you for your continued trust. Reach out with any needs you might have. 

Last but not least! Our Social Director has set up a fun evening.  Hope to see you all.  Please forward on to your Jamaica renters. We would love to meet all Jamaica Residents. 

That’s it for now. Let me know if you have any questions or need anything. 

Karen Farmer
Jamaica Village
Jamaica Village Wine Tasting,
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