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Kingston Village Director Newsletter- Sept 2017


Kingston Village  Director News& Information
September –October 2017

friends and neighbors,


I wanted to let you know about some of theissues during this last month and update you about other issues.

ALERT!!!!  There was a theft from a garage on the West side during September. The value of the stolen goods was $6,770.Apparently, the garage door was left open. PLEASE be sure to check your garage doors - Be sure they are closed ifyou are not present.


2.       TRASH BINS- Someone put what seems to be raw fish into the dumpster on the West side. There was blood trailson the cement and all over the front of the dumpster. The smell was overwhelming(as you can imagine). I have requested a new replacement dumpster and Ihave had our maintenance crew cleanup the cement as much as possible. PLEASE! PLEASE!PLEASE! place any raw meat or fish in aplastic bag and tie it securely before placing in the dumpster.This was really gross!


3.       TERMITES I have seen termites flying around and several of the residentshave reported finding termites in their units. Please be on the watch for these little critters they  cause a lot of damage and we don’t need any more. Please call me orthe HOA office (619-423-4353) toreport any sightingsof the actual termites or their residue-inside or outside.


4.       BOATS/SLIPS In walking the docks,have seen a few boats that are backed into their slips. Here in the Cayswe must be conscious of the backwash from boat engines.  Our Berms willdeteriorate when affected by prop wash..  Please dock your boats bowin.


5.       STREET MAINTENANCE The City ofCoronado will be working on our streets, Village by Village,during October and November..  A date has not been determined for the Kingston streetsbut I will be lettingeveryone know exactly what day(s) they will be done.


6.      LANDSCAPE RENOVATION- First, thank you all for yourpatience during our renovation. I received word today that the last of the plantings is beingordered and once they are delivered they will be installed. I am hoping this project will be complete by the end of October.


7.       EMAIL ADDRESSES- Once again, I am requesting emailaddresses for anyone renting in Kingston Village. Owners:  please send me yourtenants information. Residents: if you have a neighborthat is a renter,please obtain the email addressand forward to me.


This is the type of email everyone in KingstonVillage should know about. I want to keep everyone apprisedof the Village“news”.


It is a privilege beingyour Director. Please remember that you can contact me at anytime,either by email or by phone.


Michelle Junet #44


(619) 429-9601