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Mardi Gras Village Newsletter - Sept 2017


Good afternoon Mardi Gras homeowners and residents. This is the
September Update for Mardi Gras Village.

Coronado Cays Homeowner’s Association (CCHOA) Elections 

Following a terrific CCHOA Annual meeting which included a wonderful
meal at Loews, the new and returning CCHOA Board members were announced as


Port Royale Village-Kevin Foley, President


Montego Village-Tim Lavacheck


Kingston-Michelle Junet


Blue Anchor-Mark Crisson, Vice President


Mardi Gras-Bob Rood, Treasurer


Directors with one year remaining terms


Green Turtle-Constance Bienfait, Secretary


Antigua-Dennis Thompson


Bahama-Kim Tolles


Trinidad-Mary Youngman


Jamaica-election to be held


Montego/Antigua Renovations


The CCHOA Finance Committee and the CCHOA Board have approved
contracts for repairs to Montego and Antigua for the following amounts:


Antigua, $1,834,495.96 for contemplated repairs and $275,174 for


Montego, $2,634,102, plus $75,000 for termite tenting and $375,115
for a contingency amount for unforeseen conditions.


The cost of the construction will be paid first using Montego and
Antigua Village Reserve funds. After reserves are depleted, CCHOA will loan,
via a line of credit to Montego and Antigua from the CCHOA General Reserves, in
an amount to be determined, from time to time, by the Board of Directors.
Interest wii be at the US Prime Rate, to be reviewed annually, but no less than
3% per annum. Possible Special assessments will be determined at a later
individual Village vote.


For more comprehensive details, please visit the CCHOA website.
Currently you do not need a password to view the details of the two contracts.


Mardi Gras/Port Royale Pool Construction


The pool area has been completely upgraded and I believe it looks
tremendously improved with all of the pool components finally working
beautifully. Additional lighting is yet to be added-soon. The interior of the
clubhouse will have upgraded kitchen cabinets and the bathrooms will be
enhanced in the near future.




Nearly all permits (after 2 years) have been secured for the
maintenance on the seawall. The Port still needs to approve the maintenance.
The original out of State contractor still has issues with securing a California
exemption permit, consequently the CCHOA maintenance director is continuing to
look at other alternatives. Mardi Gras still intends to install helical tie
back anchors and in the future, sand replenishment if permits are granted for
that endeavor. 




The palms in the common area of Mardi Gras have recently been
trimmed. Mardi Gras, at last count, had 275 palms. We are looking into having a
few skinned (very expensive) where there is a possibility of extensive
damage to roofs and skylights should the palm ends fall during our next
wind storm.




Beginning this year and over the following two years Mardi Gras
homes will be painted. The contract includes painting the homes, trim and
redoing any peeling plaster. Any vegetation growing next to or on your
home or on the fence needs to be removed or cut back prior to painting. This
includes overgrown vegetation along the block walls or hanging over in the
common area. Ivy and bougainvilleas are a significant problem for the
painters. Ivy growing on roofs and walls is highly damaging to your structure
and may cause excessive costs to you to correct the damage. Any vegetation
not cut back will have that area skipped. We are starting with the homes along
Delaport and Mardi Gras Road. When it is time for your home to be painted you
will be notified ahead of time. The roof tiles will also be power washed,
similar to the clubhouse roof. This enhances the beauty of the homes. 


in addition, any homes that did not receive the stronger chimney
cap fasteners this past winter will have them installed.


Street Sweeping


All of the private streets in Mardi Gras are now receiving regular
street vacuuming thanks to our Grounds department. The public streets already
receive regular street sweeping.


San Diego South Bay Speed Limit


The bay to the east of the homes in Mardi Gras has a speed limit
of 5 mph. If you see any type of watercraft in the bay exceeding 5 mph please
call the Harbor Patrol, 619-686-6272. We now know that excessive speed in
shallow water has the potential to damage the eelgrass, possibly creating
problems for Mardi Gras receiving future permits for maintenance on the seawall
(numerous eelgrass surveys are necessary before any seawall
maintenance occurs) and the purported wave action against the seawall
causes undercutting and erosion with the sand base.



South Coastal Navy Campus


There appears to be NO new information since my last letter
regarding the South Coastal Navy Campus. Supposedly they are nearing
the half way point in construction. 


The Naval Complex Committee meets the third Monday of each month
in the Coronado City Council chambers. The public is invited to attend and
speak. They generally give updates on traffic, construction on the Campus and
aircraft noise over the City and particularly the Cays. This is your
opportunity to speak about the Campus and/or aircraft noise if it is a bother
to you. The hotline for low flying aircraft over your home is-619-545-8847.



Home Repairs and Upgrades


When planning home upgrades, particularly exterior type upgrades
or changes, please remember to submit your plans to the CCHOA Architectural
Committee (AECC). The permit forms are available in the Cays office or
online at the CCHOA website.




The CCHOA and Mardi Gras remains a beautiful place to have a home.
Currently the CCHOA and our Village are in excellent financial shape. We have
an excellent staff working on behalf of all of the Villages.


If you received this newsletter by US Mail and NOT by email, it
means I do not have your email address. The newsletters are normally NOT sent
by US Mail due to the cost to Mardi Gras. If you will send me your email
address I will add your name to my newsletter email list.


I welcome your questions, concerns and comments. Hopefully thisemail answers many of your questions, Bob Rood, Mardi Gras Director, dirmardigras@cchoa.org.